The Holy Spirit of God is the one who gives spiritual revelation and produces in us the wisdom, knowledge, counsel, knowledge, understanding, fear and discernment/judgement of God. He wants to abide with you the believer in all His fullness, even as He did in Christ. In the Old Testament we read of Him coming upon different individuals and enabling them to perform mighty works. These included Othniel who judged Israel (Judges 3:10), Gideon (Judges 6:34), Jephthat (Judges 11:29), Samson (Judges 14:6, 19; 15:14), Saul (1 Sam 10:6), Jahaziel (@ Chronicles 20:14), Isaiah (Isaiah 61:1), Zechariah (2 Chronicles 24:20), David (1 Samuel 16:13), Amasi (1 Chronicles 12:18). In the same way that the Holy Spirit came upon individuals,
He could also depart as in the case of Saul (1Samuel 16:14; Haggai 2:5;Ps 51:11). There is always some evidence of the presence of the Holy Spirit in the life of the individuals. Nothing is immediately said in the case of David that lets us know that this was the case. However, in 1 Samuel 16: 14-23, Saul’s servants told Saul that “the Lord is with him” (that is David). Furthermore, the evidence of the Holy Spirit manifested when David’s playing was able to drive away demons from Saul. Other terms were used in scripture to describe the presence of the Holy Spirit. Ezekiel said that the Spirit of the Lord fell upon him (Eze 11:5).
The Spirit of the Lord rested upon Eldad and Medad who remained in the tabernacle and prophesied (Num 1:26). The Spirit can also be poured out (Prov 1:22; Isa 32:15; Eze 39:29; Joel 2:28,29) and we can be filled with the Spirit like the disciples (Acts 2:4; 4: 8, 31; 13:9), Jesus (Lk 2:40, 4:1), the Israelites (Ex 28:3; 31:3; 35:31), John the Baptist in his mother’s womb (Lk 1:15), Elizabeth his mother (Lk 1:4). We are further encouraged in Ephesians 5:18 to avoid being drunk with wine but to be filled with the Spirit (you can become drunk with the Spirit). My challenge to you is to ask God to give you the Holy Spirit in His fullness. This should be the prayer of your heart. More to come.