This post is a slight diversion from the main topic but still related to music. Hope you enjoy it. My Pastor, Overseer Hexekiah X Walker, recently started to broadcast a gospel music program on WLIB 1190 am at the invitation of the station manager. It is aired on weekdays between 2 to 7 pm. You should really listen to it because the atmosphere is really peaceful, lively and Pastor Walker is a joyful host and plays great gospel music. Well, I am a gospel music lover and devoted to my pastor like all of his members, so I bought this little digital radio to listen to the program. I tried getting the station while at the Library but just could not get a reception, so I decided to go to McDonald’s on Pennsylvania Ave where I was certain that I would have good success. My determination paid off. I went in, got a number 3 (broke but got a number 3) and went upstairs, put in my headphones and hey presto, Afternoon Praise was on 1197 am after some fiddling, twisting and turning. I sat there for quite a while, reading the word, listening, smiling and nodding my head to the beat. One of my favorite songs came on – “Oh give thanks unto the Lord” by Judith McAllister. I was soaring up to heaven, bopping my head vigorously and doing hand movements when I heard a lovely voice sing out “for He is worth, worthy”. I looked around and there was a man at another table with these big head phones, bobbing his head to the identical beat that I had. By the time I saw him, he was lipsinging. I was elated and found it highly amusing. Every now and then I would look over at him and laugh because we were both having such a good time and I wished that more people could come in and hear this music. Later I went over to greet him and discovered that he’s known Pastor Walker for over 20 years and could remember the song that he first heard him and the choir sing in 1985. I just can’t remember the name of that song but it is timeless. The choir still sings it and I love it. We had a lovely time of fellowship, though short and it strikes me always how anointed gospel music unites the body of Christ, turning strangers into friends and bringing a peaceful atmosphere where ever it is played. What do you think? Is this a great idea for a music video or what? You could even put in other characters eating and pausing from their food with their mouths open and angels singing the song behind each of us. There is no prize. ain’t got the money, but you could become as creative as you like. His name is Bro. John Cullum, by the way. Blessings.