This is hard work, but I cannot end without sharing again about another encounter that I had because of Afternoon Praise. After ministering at the Food Pantry yesterday, I needed to find a place to listen to the remainder of Afternoon Praise. No one but myself had a radio, but the unwilling creature would not pick up 1190 am except for a few snatches here and there, no matter how I tried. There was indeed an old radio on the premises, yes, but AM stations, what is that? Dennis informed me that finding an AM station on that radio downstairs was a mission impossible (not in those exact words).
Well, at 5.15 pm I finally breathed a sigh of relief because I was now siting in McDonald’s, this time on Van Sinderen and Atlantic (nice and clean like the other one as well as friendly staff). I had to glue the radio to my ear because the reception was not as clear as the day before. I turned my smile on and began to pay attention to the other patrons. I waved to an old gentleman who had come in apparently alone (the Lord had told me earlier in the day that He was sending somebody to me so I knew I had to be alert).
Anyway, I was enjoying the music, singing and smiling occasionally to the old gentleman as I sat there since he kept going back and forth. The song about waving your hands came on and I obediently waved my left hand since my right had the radio glued to my ear. This wave was a friendship wave to the Lord (as in saying hello Jesus) since it encouraged that senior citizen to come over and talk to me. He is Hispanic and speaks mainly Spanish (I do speak a little halting Spanish), but is a believer and will come to church on Sunday. A smile and a hand wave to the Lord (prompted by gospel music) reached out to a lonely individual who was touched. Now that helped to make my day!