We have established that God has a temple in heaven where you can play and sing music. In order to understand how you can benefit as a musician under this label, we will go back to the practical example of David’s Spirit of Life Recording Company. I was trying to establish the fact that David patterned his recording company to resemble the worship in heaven and to benefit from secrets, wisdom and other information that he could download through songs and music. In 1 Chronicles 24, he was taking the ark (which represented God’s presence) up to Jerusalem to a place which he had prepared for it. In celebration of this event, he appointed singers and musicians to play and sing as they did so (1 Chronicles 24). The king danced and played at this event (1 Chron 24: 28). He used all of his energy to dance, leaping as high as he could (2 Samuel 6: 14 – 16).
Hey, Pastors, Prophets and leaders, he was the king! After offering the required sacrifices, David appointed the Levites offspring of Aaron who worked in the temple (1Chron 23:28) to minister before the ark of the Lord (1 Chron 16: 4, 37; 25: 4). He did not do accidentally, but because he knew that in heaven, angels, elders and the saints minister before the throne to God in worship and they do so continually. He did so to show God that he loved and adored him and to ensure that God’s manifest presence remained with him. HE knew that God’s presence filled the whole earth but he wanted to feel it and to dwell in the aura of God’s presence.
These Levites were to record music that would give thanks and praise to God (1Chron 16: 4,7; 23:30) and to play music continually just like in heaven (1 Chron 16: 5,6). They were not ordinary musicians, they were trained to hear the word of the Lord and to prophesy what He said, or utter dark sayings through their words and music (1 Chron 25:1 – 7). This is how the king received information that allowed him to prosper. These singers and musicians were skillful and trained by three chief musicians (Asaph, Jeduthun and Heman) who were appointed by the king. This tells us of the importance of music in ushering in God’s presence and in creating an atmosphere for the presence of the Lord.
The musician can only download songs and music to the extent of the cleanness of his life as David discovered in 1Chronicles 15: 12,13. Second, the musician or singer must spend time in the presence of the Lord, playing on the instrument and singing songs to Him. You must know the voice of God so that the spirit can be open to or hear the words or music that are being given, sometimes as an entire song all at once, or as phrases or tunes sometimes a little at a time. Whatever you do, you need to record what you hear or you will forget it unless you have a photographic memory. For musicians, the quality of the music you receive will depend partly on your musical skill and to a greater extent on your willingness to explore and experiment with the sounds or tunes coming into your spirit.
I learnt this valuable lesson from my brother Lyndon who is a gifted and anointed guitarist. He plays bass and lead guitar but his anointing is really for the rhythm guitar.
We grew up having access to a music theory course for the guitar that our father had acquired. His first guitar was about age 6 or 7. I’m not sure what became of it, but he was taught his first three chords on the guitar at about age 12 by peers who later went on to form one of St. Vincent’s leading soca band. He continued to learn theory from the book, but would also spend hours finding and making chords on the guitar that sounded exquisite. The Lord also appointed him as chief musician to a group of two young men (Andre and Simeon) who played at church. His role was to instruct the group, synchronize the group musically, teach patterns and chords and creative playing, among others. That is important because depending on the leading of the Spirit, they never quite played a song the same way every time. Sometimes they would start in one tempo, then pick up the pace, change the rhythm all in one song, express warfare and worship just through the music itself. When they played, the anointing would hit the place and we would either soar to heaven in worship or aggressively tread down principalities and powers in our song. This was especially important when the church held open air crusades when the ruling spirits would try to oppose, because we needed that prophetic anointing that was on their lives to help us to wage the warfare. These three young men would play music/worship together for hours in preparation for ministry.
My brother told me this was important so that they would become a unit. My brother is still excelling in music and is currently leading a gospel jazz band. Finally, I personally found that a helpful practice in ushering in the presence of the Lord and the prophetic anointing and therefore revelation, is to sing and praise accompanied by music. A skillful and spirit filled musician will express musically the emotions and feelings of the Spirit of God and usher in the prophetic anointing. Some chords and arangements seem to come directly from heaven and send me “crazy” – transports me into the heavenly realm. I heard many of these over the years from these three young men.
Today, the song “Faithful is our God” has a musical phrase that has the same effect on me. This is what happens when an anointed musician plays because he or she is playing before the throne. In fact, that is where we should worship, before the throne. If that is not your experience, or if worship is a routine and sterile activity, you need to get into His presence. He always invites us in and if your spirit is in tune, you will hear Him inviting you to “come into my presence” or “come up higher”, as I do. That is why I behave the way I do, because worship means that I am in the presence of God. Therefore, it is always exciting and never static. A willing worshipper will be abandoned to the leading of the Spirit and express whatever the heart of God desires.
Hey guys, does this appeal to you or what?