I had planned to go in another direction today, but I just felt led to talk about the number one record label in the world, Spirit of Life Recording Company and how the musicians and singers who sign up come into direct contact with the greatest power. Please remind me to talk about how this company on earth is just an extension of the one in heaven since God really created and enjoys music and singing a great deal. Now, rappers and musicians, put your thinking caps on, because you don’t want to pass on this deal of a lifetime.
Check this out. In Psalm 49: 1- 4, a recording artist (called the Chief Musician) had this song written for him to be sung by the sons of Korah. These verses of the song reveal that musicians receive hidden wisdom and other secrets through music (you don’t need a lodge or a psychic). Two attributes of the Spirit of God (wisdom and understanding) are revealed. Listen to the words:
my mouth shall speak of wisdom and the meditation of my heart shall be of understanding. I will incline mine ear to a parable: I will open my dark sayings upon a harp”.
Here we see the spirit of wisdom and revelation in operation and the response of the musician to the Spirit of God. Several factors are in operation here. The musician FIRST had to listen to the parable or secret. In order to do so he had to incline or bend his ear to hear the voice of God. This reminds me of Samuel who saidspeak, thy servant heareth” (1 Sam 3:10) and the Holy Spirit’s invitation to those with an ear to hear to listen to what He had to say (Rev 2:29). It also reminds me of Isaiah 50: 4 and 5 which says that the Almighty must open your ear (spiritual ear) to hear and that He wakens the ear morning by morning to hear as the learned.This means that He must speak to you (open the ear) and cause those who receive spiritual revelation to become as wise as the people who have the degrees in theology.
Remember the Lord Jesus who had full understanding of the Law at age 12? The words of Isaiah 50: 4 and 5 also imply that those who want to receive divine and spirtual instruction have an ongoing relationship with God. That is a critical part of the contract. If you break it and go off to listen to the devil like Eve did, He is going to break His end of the contract and stop telling you His secrets. Psalm 25: 14 says thah the secret of the Lord is given to those who fear Him. He will not take His pearls and cast it to swine. Those who hear must also invite the Holy Spirit to come upon them or to come to them (Rev 22:17). Secondly, the musician had to interpret or understand what he had heard , then he would speak the wisdom that he had heard.
If you read the rest of Psalm 49, you will see that the musician had been meditating on his outcome in the day of trouble and the inability of anyone, even the wealthy, to protect himself. His comfort came in knowing that God would redeem him from death by taking him into his presence when he died (v 15). This instruction is still relevant today, especially as the musician was thinking about the rich who boast in their wealth. They have a lot of bling bling (v 6) but are not greater than God. If they fail to fear God they will never see light when they die although men praised them while they were alive (v 17 – 19), like those of you with your fan clubs, grammy awards and other accolades.
If you think the musician was joking, check out what Jesus said in Luke 16: 19-31 when he talked about the rich man who lived sumptously like some of you rappers while ignoring a poor man called Lazarus who lived and begged at his gate. Lazarus only had dogs as friends because at least they licked his sores. When he died he was taken by angels (say what?!) into Abraham’s bosom while the rich man went down to hell meet fire and torment. After his death he begged for mercy but too late. Not even his prayers for someone to go back and preach to his relatives could make God relent. If they did not believe Abraham and the prophets who would they believe?
This is right up your street because some of you think that bodyguards and wealth could protect you. Now check this out. This whole idea of receiving hidden wisdom in music through spiritual revelation was confirmed in Psalm 78: 1-2 which was written by Maschil who was a musician and a son of Asaph the chief musician (1Chron 25). He also encourages us to listen to his wisdom so that we too could receive spiritual wisdom and understanding that he had received through his music.
Now when Jesus came to earth, He made reference in Matt 13: 34-36 to these two Psalms in order to explain why he only spoke to the people in parables. He said that He was the fulfillment of the prophecy which was spoken by the prophet (the musician). I really want to quote His words
all these things spake Jesus unto the multitude in parables, and without a parable spake he not unto them: that it might be fulfilled by the prophet saying, I will open my mouth iin parables; I will utter things which have been secret from the foundation of the world”.
It would take too much time here to explain about the work of prophets (I wrote a book about prophets), but Jesus is saying that the musicians are prophets. Wow! Anointed musicians are prophets! This is a high calling indeed. In my next blog, I am going to tell you about these musicians and also a bit about how musician and songwriters can actually receive these spiritual revelations. It would also help if you read the eariler blogs about how to receive spiritual revelation.