The Lord asked me to share how you can connect with the power source in the throne room in order to obtain the inexhaustible gamut of creativity that is available for any form of musical expression or any kind of spiritual revelation. John 4: 24 is one of the scriptures in which the secret is found: “God is spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth”. Since God is intangible, only the intangible spirit of man can connect with Him. We therefore need to get the “click” that indicates that we are in His presence. When you are in His presence, there is a feeling of joy and fulfillment and you feel as if you have connected with heaven. There is also a shift in the internal and external atmosphere and they change from heaviness if you were depressed to lightness and joy. If you were not depressed, feeling sad etc (hopefully you will come to the state where you can live above this 99% of the time) you will find yourself progressing easily to a place where you are lifted unto what I will call a spiritual high that makes it eay to worship and to hear what God has to say, feel what He feels etc.
This state of emotions comes with discipline and obedience to the word about blessing God in all situations. Since you cannot actually see spirit with the natural eyes, you must see God with the eyes of the spirit or eyes of faith, by faith and obedience to the word of God. If your spirit has not been reborn to resemble that of God, you will not be able to enter His presence because He won’t give you access and won’t even recognize you. (John 3: 5-7). When you are born again, the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in your spirit as the password or evidence that you belong to God (Eph 1: 13,14). His presence will change you from the old man or woman into a new person resembling God in behavior and power (Eph 4:20- 25), give you the confidence that you are a child of God (Rom 8: 14-16) and continue the process of making you more and more like God as long as you live (2 Pet 1:3).
As soon as you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Christ you become member of an exclusive body called the kingdom of God where God is in control but gives you exclusive rights and priviledges (Eph 1). Therefore, as a member, you can connect anytime by training your spirit to worship. The previous blog told you how to get into God’s presence with singing and thanks. God wants us to join His fan club and talk about Him, admire Him and tell Him about His greatness. The ability to tell an invisible being about Himself comes when we find out who He is in His word. Therefore you need to read the word/Bible to appreciate how great He is.
Check out some of the things He did, some of the things people said about Him, use some of the words of praises and worship in the book, especially in the psalms. Follow some of the secrets that God showed the musicians in the psalms and other parts of the book – eg. lifting up the hands to God, waving, bowing down, leaping like David, shouting jubilantly and noisily as if you are watching a celebrity or a rerun of a game with Magic Johnson, fall down on your face like they do in Revelation, wave something like a kerchief or your doo rag, behave as if you are out of your mind with awe and admiration, sing loudly, dance around (hip hop, break dance or anything that comes into your heart).
It also helps if He has done some great thing for you, but this should not be the primary motivator since we are to bless Him at all times. If you’re really in awe of and respect this great God, you won’t wait until somebody tells you to praise Him but will do so continually. Remember, too, that God can’t stand anything dirty, so your life must be always clean. Once He sees sin, He sees black and nothing else and won’t feel like talking with you. If you mess up, ask Jesus to beg Him for forgiveness, and ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with the power to overcome so that you can live right (1Jn 2:1; 3: 2, 9). Your pastor or leader can lay hands on you to break you out of the habit and that also works faster (Isa 10: 27).

One secret that I use when I am worshipping or praying is to picture myself in front of the throne.

I then picture the scene in Revelation 4 especially and other scriptures like Isaiah 6. I hear the Holy Spirit say “come into my presence” or “come up higher” and I do so in faith even when I don’t feel like God is near or that I even have the will to come into His presence. Once I cross over the “threshhold” of the flesh or natural man, I begin to experience God’s presence. I have disciplined myself over the years to do the things that I mentioned before that help my spirit to express what God wants me to do in His presence. This is the connection that will bring the revelation you need for creative expression. Meantime, there are many other fringe benefits to being a worshipper and maybe we can talk about that at another time.

God bless you richly.