Yes I did. I perceive by the spirit that some readers have some difficulty and maybe even doubt with this truth. This is becoming a bit spooky for some people. God wants us to have a personal revelation of Himself. John 4:24 is till a key scripture but there are others:
God is Spirit and those who worship must make a spiritual connection with Him
I will now add 2 Corinthians 3 on the instructions of the Spirit. This is a comparison between the ministry of the Old Testament versus the ministry of the New Testament.

Paul started by telling the believers that they were living epistles of Christ by the Spirit of God living in them. In other words, they were the living word through which He is revealed while in the law the epistle or word of God was given in stone.

Secondly, Paul and others were made ministers of the new testament by the Spirit who gives life. Moses was the minister of the law which was equated to the ministry of death, since the law only showed us our sinfulness (v 7; Rom 8:3). You were a dead man or woman (by stoning) if you broke the law. Who wants to die like that? Now although the law was the ministry of death, weak and unable to save from sin, it was still glorious. Why the apparent paradox? Under the law, God revealed himself to Moses in the mount (Ex 19: 9,16-20; 24: 10,16,17). God also revealed Himself to Moses by speaking with him face to face (Ex 33: 11). Since God is Spirit, this is only an expression to indicate that He told Moses all His secrets and did not hide anything from him. It indicates that God was open to Moses and that they had a personal and intimate relationship. If God hides His face from you, it means He is no longer speaking to you and that He is angry (Ps 51:9). Furthermore, no man can see God’s face and live (Ex 33:20). That is why John described Him as One who sat on the throne. God also revealed Himself to Moses by showing His glory as confirmation that His presence would remain even after Israel sinned (Ex 33: 14-23).

God would also reveal His presence in a cloud over the tabernacle whenever He came down to talk with Moses (Ex 33: 9,10). In this particular scripture, the people rose up and worshipped the Lord. Moses’ face shone so brightly with the glory of God that he had to cover his face with a veil (Ex 34: 29-34). This is why people the features of who are being transformed or who have come out of demonic possession or oppression will glow as they fellowship with the Lord. The closer you get to the Lord in worship, the more your face will shine with His glory. Remember that God actually brought His throne down into the mount. This has implications since it means that Moses received all of the revelation while standing, kneeling or prostrate in the presence of the Lord. Now Moses had a good glory (2 Cor 3: 9) but this was abolished for a more excellent glory (2 Cor 3: 11).

More to come.