We the people of God join with the heavens and exalt the name of Jesus which is above every name and which is worthy to be praised. When we worship we tell Him about who He is and all His wonderful works that he accomplished for us so that we too always experience victory over the power of Satan (2 Cor 2:14):
  • In Revelation 2-4 He is the messenger to the churches and if we hear Him our ministries will live and He will correct the inconsistencies and errors.
  • In Rev 5: 5, He is called the “Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the root of David” who prevailed to open the book of prophecies. Judah is the tribe of praise. Why Judah and not Isaachar? This is because He is roused to conquer our enemies when we praise Him. He is a lion’s whelp (the swift, youthful, skillful, dangerous ones) who will take authority over His enemies. Jacob prophesied this in Gen 49: 8-12. Judah (worshippers) will put their hand in the necks of their enemies so that they can’t move (like wrestling). Judah (worshippers) will be the conquerors and rulers (Gen 49:9).
  • The psalmist said that Judah is the lawgiver (Ps 60:7; 108:8) and Jacob said that “the sceptre shall not depart from Judah” (Gen 49: 10). Psalm 149 explains how the saints rule with the sceptre of the word, praise and worship. We wield warfare on our beds with singing, high praises of God and the word of God which in scripture is always a two edged sword since it will always cut no matter which edge is used. No weapon formed against us will prosper (Isa 54: 17).
  • The weapons of our warfare will execute vengeance and punishments upon the heathen. No! We do not light candles, pray on people, raise psalms to curse, mutter spells, ride on broomsticks, chant, mix potions etc, but when we call upon the name of the Lord we are delivered. Please read Psalm 18 and see how God responds to our cries for help.
  • Furthermore, we don’t play with principalities and powers. We have the power to tread them down (Lk 10:19), cast them down (2 Cor 10:5), wrestle against them (Eph 6: 10) and let them know by our dominion that Jesus is Lord (Eph 3:10). This has many practical applications. For example, there are principalities or ruling spirits over geographic locations as we discover in Daniel 10. When you see certain patterns in areas, that indicates the nature of the principality.
  • For example, principalities of violence, antagonism and bloodshed operate through violence, murder, racial tension and antagonism, a high death rate of youths by violence etc. The worshippers in the area are responsible for taking back the area and subduing it for the kingdom of Christ by waging the warfare in Ps 149 and Psalm 18. When you exercise your spiritual authority, you will bind them with chains and irons, thereby inactivating them (Ps 149: 9).
  • Daniel discovered this by prayer and fasting (Dan 10), Joshua discovered this with a shout of praise (Joshua 6), Jehoshaphat discovered this with a song of worship (2 Chron 20) and Paul and Silas discovered this when they escaped from prison with a praise (Acts 16). Note that Christ is also the root of David, meaning that He preceded David. While He is the Lion, he is also the Lamb that had been slain (Rev 5:6), the propitiation for our sins, the meek and gentle one. This is the side of Him that He reveals to the church as redeemer by His blood (Rev 5:9), but He becomes the lion when He rises in anger to scatter and destroy our enemies. Blessings and more to come.