Yes. Believe it or not, a lot of attention is paid to Jesus in heaven. He is the One who has been anointed with the oil of gladness above His fellows (Ps 45:7). He has been given a name above every name and is always on the news headlines, billboards and heavenly television. Revelation 5:10 says that He is generous and has given us a part of His inheritance so that we who believe become kings and priests unto God (Rev 5:10).
More of this inheritance can be found in scriptures like Ephesians, Hebrews etc. He is God the Creator (Rev 10:6), has power (Rev 12:10); the one who causes to overcome Satan by His blood and His word (Rev 12:11). His testimony is the spirit of prophecy as the disciples discovered on the day of Pentecost (Rev 19:10) and He is the Word of God (Rev 19:13). Jesus is personally involved in warfare against the devil and on the behalf of His saints since he leads the armies of heaven (Rev 19:6).
I have had reports from individuals who had visions (color pictures = spiritual television) of Jesus leading angels and the warriors through geographic locations as the exact words describing Him and His armies were prayed in warfare , so this is not just a future event. Because He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords (Rev 19:6), we always triumph in Him. In Revelation 19: 20, He overcomes the beast and is the rewarder of those who believe (Rev 22:12). Rev 22:16 again shows Him as the root and offspring of David showing that He is the first and the last. He is good looking and comely because He is the bright and morning star (Rev 22:16) unlike the devil who is the prince of darkness and whose demons are reserved in darkness until the day of judgement. He is somebody who is worthy of our praise. Jesus is described in such detail in the revelation because God wants us to know who He is.
He is no piar piar Lord, but the King of glory, the Lord mighty in battle. We ought to tell Him about Himself by using the descriptions in the book. The more we say these words by faith, the more the spirit rises to the place in worship when we become engulfed in and filled with the glory of God. This is not just something for women, but for the men who God is calling to become mighty warriors and generals in the earth realm. One would have to be crazy to serve a lord who is the master of demons which dwell in darkness. By the time that lord of the darkness is finished with you, your mind is totally screwed up and you are bound up in chains, keeping company with him and his demons. Thank God for my deliverer. I will worship Him, because He is in light and will continually enlighten my life and that of every believer by His favor and presence. Blessed be the name of the Lord. More next time on the God head in the person of the Holy Spirit, the dynamic power of God.