I am all ready to talk about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but we need to wage warfare on the authority in the name of Jesus. What’s in a name? His name embodies all that He is – salvation, deliverer, healer, Son of God, Almighty One etc and all the truths revealed about Him in the word. In other words, when demons hear the name of Jesus, they have to comply because this is all He is (James 2:19). You will find this to be true because when he was on earth they used to beg him not to harass them (Mk 5:12).
Hmmm. Members of the police force and military understand more than anyone else the power of the name, because they have receive authority delegated to them by the state and the President to carry out actions to keep law and order and in battle, to fight war. When a policeman says, open up in the name of the law, you had better comply or he or she will take the necessary steps to subdue unlawful activity. If they see illegal activity in the streets or anywhere else, they will stop you and make an arrest because the state says they could do so.
When a child says, daddy says, you had better comply because daddy will chasten you for disobedience. God’s people are members of the Kingdom of Christ and we reign as kings in the earth. Hey! God is king and the earth belongs to Him (Ps 2, 24). You can read the Psalms for more on this. Therefore, as kings in His kingdom, we have the authority given to us by God to advance God’s manifesto or decrees, to arrest the works of the enemy and to capture our enemies and bring them in to captivity to the obedience of the name of Jesus Christ (2 Cor 10: 3-5). The demons already know the power in the name, so any believer who exerts that authority even when the demons resist will have great victory.
Heaven help the believer who is ignorant of the power in the name. You are walking around unarmed and at risk. Anything God says goes. He knows all things. No, He is not arrogant. He is God. He created the earth and the people and we belong to Him. Do we tell Chrysler how to design their vehicles and what to do with them after? No. Why does God need people to enlist in His armed forces on earth? Well, it really started with Satan who was an anointed angel, very powerful and “fine” as Americans would say. check him out in Ezekiel 28. He mutinied against God and inveigled some powerful angels to join him. He was crazy because God did not roll over. There was war in heaven (Rev 12:7). Jesus chuckled when he remembered the sight of him falling to the earth like lightening (Lk 10: 18). Now he had nowhere to live, so he had to find a home in the air (Eph 2:2) and in the lower parts of the earth (called hell) where no one wanted to go (Ps 16:10; 63:9; Eph 4:9; 1 Pet 3:19).
The lower parts of the earth was the place where he has his headquarters and used death and hell to harass humans before Christ came to deliver us from his kingdom and take those who believe in to the Kingdom of God (Col 1:13). He also set up a kingdom in the air and has spirits ruling over nations and people as Daniel found out in chapter 10. God, however, put some of his demons into maximum security prison in the earth since they were so evil (Jude 6). That is where we must cast them to (don’t let them wander about looking for places to dwell). If they know that you will do that to them, they will freak out and that is why they begged Jesus for a lesser evil of casting them into swine (Mt 8:31).
Now, the devil himself, being a former chief angel in heaven, was allowed by God to remain free in a sense. However, he was not satisfied just to fall out of heaven and become the prince of the power of the air. He wanted total domination and had to find a way to get it, so he deceived the people that God created into believing that they could become like gods by disobeying Good by eating the fruit in the middle of the garden of Eden (Eden was supposed to be a perfect place, but don’t be shocked – he tried to backstab God Almighty who sees and know all things!).
As a result,  Adam  lost the dominion that God had given him over the earth and Satan got the control to a degree. He became really nasty to humans, his intent being theft, murder and destruction by any means and in any forms (Jn 10:10). That is why he has demons assigned to all kinds of nasty and wicked acts including homosexuality, lesbianism and sexual perversions. some of you will get mad, but this is true. His names are not pleasant. A few are – the accuser as Job found out in Job 1 and 2; father of disobedience (Eph 2:2); deceiver (Rev 12: 9); the dragon (Rev 20:2). More to come!