We were talking about ways in which believers can exercise the power and authority of the kingdom in order to make arrest and stop the work of the devil. This is not all inclusive, so please share if you have further information. There are some principles that believers must know and apply:
  • (1) the power source in Jesus
  • (2) the victory that He accomplished in His death and resurrection
  • (3) know His position as the exalted Christ
  • (4) know your designated position in the exalted Christ
  • (5) know the position of the church in the exalted Christ
  • (6) use the weapons of the word, prayer, praise, worship, fasting.
  • One key principle to everything in the kingdom is that the kingdom on earth is designed to function as a shadow or reflection of the kingdom of heaven where God is Lord (Mt 6: 10). Jesus said before His death that He had all power in heaven and in earth (Lk 10: 19). Therefore this authority was delegated to believers before His death. He sent them out to kick out the devil from the lives of people (Lk 10).
  • You have the authority to rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus, like Michael did in Jude 9 and like Jesus did to demons (Lk 4: 39). To rebuke means to stop or arrest. You can cast down demonic strongholds from geographic locations and in the lives of people (2 Cor 10: 3-5; Daniel 10).
  • You can plead the blood = remind the devil that by His blood Jesus delivered those who were living in fear of death (Heb 2:15). The power of Jesus’ death was so great that the saints that had died believing God rose and walked in the streets of Jerusalem (Mt 27:52). To plead the blood also means that you tell him that Jesus destroyed his power through his death (Heb 2:14). This is just an introduction to Plead the blood 101 because you can read further scriptures in Hebrews etc to find out more what words to give to that wicked one about what Jesus did to him in his death. that is why the Bible says that death is swallowed up in victory and this is true power, because that same Spirit of God has the ability to quicken your body from sickness and on the day of resurrection. This just causes him to fade off the scene and weakens his power.
  • The blood of Jesus also covers you better than an insurance policy and eliminates you from his power as the children of Israel learnt in Exodus 13 and 14 and as John shows in Rev 11:11. As soldiers we must also learn how to stand ground and to resist the works of the devil (1 Pet 5:9). His attacks are fierce and sometimes may continue for a season. Don’t give up. Use the weapons. Get other believers to help you (Mt 18:20) because one will chase 1000 devils, but two will put ten thousand to flight (Lev 26: 8; Deut 32:30). If, for example, your Pastor, child, family, nation etc are attacked, will you join the devil in the attack? No, you need to jump into defend them but not by arguing and fighting flesh and blood (people) as Paul explained in Eph 6:10.
  • Read Num 16 to find out about three “crazy” men who fought against their Pastor. No time to discuss them now, but make sure you don’t follow their bad example or you will end up in serious, serious trouble! I have seen real life examples. Young people in the kingdom have also been begging for some of the action, so we need to train them in warfare. After all, who else does the President enlist in the army? No offense meant to any one since anyone can enlist in God’s army (right Kingdom Youths of LFT, New York and worldwide?!!).
  • Sometimes the enemy comes in unexpectedly like a flood but the Spirit of the Lord will protect you by putting him to flight (Isa 59:19). You can also run them down and exterminate those devils like David did in Psalm 18 which is really picture of spiritual warfare. Just follow David’s example in the spirit realm. It really works. Devils should fear and tremble at your name, voice and presence and either chill out or be cast out. You should also remind the devil that he is under your feet since you are seated in Christ at the father’s right hand (Col 3: 1-3). Remind him about his eventual fate in the lake of fire (Rev 21). When the hosts of hell attack you, you can use tactics like jumping and shouting triumphantly for the victory that King Jesus accomplished at Calvary and will accomplish in the situation (booing him), wrestling with the strategies in Eph 6:10-18; booing them with the name of Jesus (Phil 2: 10); running them off (ps 18: 29-50); singing that the Lord is good (2 Chron 20); shouting to scare them off (Josh 6); stomping on him like Jesus and Kirk Franklin told you to (Lk 10: 19). Most importantly, you must be on alert 24/7 by watching in prayer because God will reveal his strategies and plans before he attacks (Eph 6: 18). You must also study his tactics so that he would not overcome you (2 Cor 2:11); and use the spirit of discernment so you can know when he is infiltrating your family etc (Acts 16: 16-18).
  • My dear friends, there is so much that one can say about the tactics and strategies that can be used. it helps to read the bible with an open eye. These books are also excellent resources – the believer’s authority by Kenneth Hagin, the power of praise and worship by Terry Law; the thorn in the flesh and the handbook of spiritual warfare. Remember that you will likely need someone to help you if you are new in the kingdom but that’s OK, soon you will teach someone else as you advance in the ranks. Yes, you can be promoted up to the highest ranks in the spirit realm. Some people are very great generals. Blessings! Love you.