On Friday 15th April I heard a news report on WLIB 1190 am (New York) that the incarcerated Sheik has written a will to enforce terrorist activity on the United States should he die in prison in the USA. I was praying and fasting about the issue on Friday when the Lord revealed the following to me. I felt that the deliverance come about 10 a.m. Some of this also came this morning (this is rather long):
Do not be afraid of the threat. Keep the Sheik in maximum security prison for his own security. Do all in your power to keep him alive up to 105 or more. Treat him well – make sure his medical needs are attended to and that he has regular assessments (he should never have become anemic). Make sure that he never becomes sick in prison. Show him American TV (he is a prisoner on American soil) with the best of American life. Scan the content of his mail for subversive plots etc and withhold the dangerous ones (they all are in code). Don’t give him any cause for complaint (remember, however, that he is in prison and not the Ritz – treat him humanely). He will do more harm loosed – so don’t even consider it. The church is praying against the stronghold of terrorism and the ideologies that foster it. The princes of Iran and Persia are in war against the USA but Gabriel and Michael will fight for you (Daniel 9, 10). the Lord revealed to me about three weeks ago that he had chosen the USA to be a nation separated unto Himself. That is why He called out the forefathers from Britain because they feared him. He also called out the Black people from Africa because many of them were kings and princes. They had to endure affliction as slaves like the Jews in Egypt so they could turn from worshipping demons unto the Lord (Ps 106: 35-37). Although Isaiah 61 is really a prophecy about Christ and His anointed ones, I saw parallels to the USA. This nation has an over abundance of prophets, apostles etc and gifted artistes etc who preach the gospel and propagate it to the nations, bringing them to the light (Isa 61: 1 -3; 6). Americans are usually among the first to respond to the needs of other nations that face disaster (Isa 61: 4). The people are known worldwide (v 9) and immigrants proliferate in this land because of the Lord and its riches (v 5). Mr. President, your situation was faced by President Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20. You need to follow his example in fasting, prayer and listening to what God says about national affairs. Although your nation was chosen by God as leaders in propagating the gospel and in blessing other nations, the USA has forgotten God. God is hoping that the murder of the Aramic children in Philadelphia will draw the nation’s attention to the lifestyle of holiness that He is calling back the nation to live. Look at how they forgave their enemies. Forgive and forget. Do not retaliate or this will start war. This threat can be defeated. President Jehoshaphat humbled himself and called a fast. He read the will of his enemies before the Lord God Almighty. His was one little nation surrounded by millions, but if God is for you, who can be against you? The terrorists in the land have been held back by the intercession of the saints, but the greater threat is yet to be defeated (that of Bin Laden, the extremely evil one, hater of the Jews and the people of the Lord). They are so blinded that they bite the hand that feeds them. Any reaction must be preceded by prayer, fasting and praise. Call high powered Kingdom Generals to the White House to prayer. You need Benny Hinn who came out of that root, Hezekiah Walker because God speaks directly into his ear, TD Jakes and others whom the Lord speaks to you about (not too many). You don’t want the prophets of Baal to advise you because lying spirits will be released to your damnation (psychics, witches, palm readers etc). See 2 Kings 3. Put them away. Your military and foreign policy advisors will receive further instruction from God on this issue and peace will flow. Speak life into the situation in private and your counsellors are to do the same. Send a circular “from the President” for all to see and God will honor you (righteousness exalts and sin brings shame). I will exalt you in the midst of your enemies, says God. Benny Hinn will tell you about the war in Iraq. He is a prophet, a man of God, highly revered in the heavenlies as they all are (the men of God that I am sending to you). Hear the words of the Lord and live. Amen. Remember the presidential election. It was touch and go. I did it, says the Lord your God. You have known me, yet you have not known me (you know what I mean). I have great personal revelation to give on issues of state, foreign policy, taxation, social reform, especially in issues of immigration. Fear not, you shall excel if you hear from God. Keep my commandment and live. You have intercessors in the land. They pray what God prays, see what He sees and hear what He hears. You shall live. Your health shall not fail. Your mind will be kept stable. Blessings of Deuteronomy will overtake you continually and your nation that I have called to be mine, to be a praise and glory on the earth. I have raised up kings and priests for war and intercession, says the Lord. Amen and Amen. The spirit of terrorism is the spirit of Antichrist (1 Jn 4: 1-3). This is a power play between the devil and the true and living God (see 1 Kings 18).