The Holy Spirit and the angels are rubbing their hands in glee because they are about to incite public opinion. Let’s start at Prophet Joel’s prophecy in chapter 2: 28 – 29 which indicates that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit would be followed by prophesying, dreams, visions, signs and wonders. Notice that every time the the phrase “I will pour out my Spirit” is spoken, it is followed by an indicator of the outpouring. This is not incidental, but written for emphasis, because the Lord knew that the speaking of tongues would distract proponents of this truth in the kingdom (I grew up in the church and this is what I was taught).
Please pay attention to Joel’s prophecy which indicates that any outpouring must be preceded by fasting, repentance or turning away from sin (13); sanctification or cleansing (v 16); national and/or local intercession by the priests (16). This is the day of the Lord, momentous and unforgettable in which the Lord will perform terrible works and remove the enemies of His people (20). Acts 2: 4 says that cloven tongues of fire rested on the heads of the disciples. This fire is symbolic of the purifying fire of the Holy Spirit in Rev 4: 4 and the coals in Isaiah’s vision and indicates the purging of the life. He is resting on the head to symbolize the renewing of the carnal mind.
The brain is in the head. While it is the spirit of man that receives spiritual revelation, the brain is the vehicle by which we physically hear and interpret information. He now becomes the boss and he runs things up there, taking control of our thought patterns to enable us to think of whatever is pure, true, honest, of good report etc. This is a parallel of His work of renewal and transformation in the spirit of man. He puts in new information, reactions and emotions which are derived from the Godhead and the word of God, making us like God.
The evidence of the baptism on the day of Pentecost was not tongues, but the disciples prophesying to the Jews of all nationalities present in Jerusalem for the celebration. This is so because Peter said that the event was the fulfilment of the prophecy spoken of by Joel (Acts 2: 13-22). Another evidence is the disciples’ state of inebriation in the Holy Spirit, spoken of by Paul in Ephesians 5: 18: and be not drunk with wine wherein is excess, but be filled with the Spirit.
The disciples were reeling, singing, clapping, laughing in a state described as being drunk. The Holy Spirit had taken over their entire spirit system and they were entirely under His control. Have you ever been drunk with wine? How about drunk with the Spirit? A drunken man speaks foolishness, but a person drunk with the Spirit speaks the words of the Lord without stopping. They reel out of his or her mouth (like the angels). Blessings and bye.