Dear Mr. President, for some reason I forgot to add this bit of information to the previous post. I just want to share that your chief terrorist enemy is reserved for judgement. His doom is awful. Pray for his salvation. Pull down the princes of Iran and Persia. Cast down their strongholds. They operate in fanaticism, hate, violence and in the spirit of blindness. This is a spirit of major deception. Time to shut him up by the power of God. He was loosed from the time of Ishmael to now. I saw the terrorist spirit in a vision after I posted the previous message. He was in the air and had white wings like an angel (the bible says the demons are angels that did not keep their intended position as ministers of the Lord- Jude 6). Satan himself can appear as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11: 14, 15) and preach another gospel (1 Cor 11: 1-4) which the bible calls doctrine of devils (1 Tim 4:1) to those who do not believe that Jesus is the son of God. The nose and mouth of the terrorist demon were covered with a black bandanna and his head with a black stocking hat. Blessings and have a good day. I will talk now about the angels of the Lord who are His special security force to believers since they encamp around them and deliver them form evil (Ps 34: 7). The bible calls them the armies of the Lord (Rev 19: 14), an innumerable company of angels, ten of tens of tens of thousands (millions of millions – Ps 68: 17, Lk 2: 13; Heb 12: 22). They are the ministers of the Lord, a flaming fire who execute His decrees (Ps 104: 4; Heb 1: 14). The bible is full of examples of their ministry even to Jesus himself when he was tempted by the devil and in his hour of affliction in the garden of Gethsemane. The chief generals of these security forces are Angels Gabriel and Michael who were revealed in the bible as warriors (Dan 10; Rev 12: 7 – 11) and bearers of highly secure state secrets, giving information to Mary and other people in the bible like Abraham, Jacob and Lot (Gen 17, 18, 19; 22: 11; 28: 12 – 22, Ex 33: 1-3, Judges 6: 11 – 13: 1 – 21, Lk 1: 5 – 20, 1: 26). They also gave the news headlines about the Resurrection and about the Lord’s birth and resurrection (Matt 28: 5-7; Lk 2: 9 – 15). The angels of the Lord speak only what God speaks, so their word is steadfast (Heb 2:2). They confirm what scripture says and never say anything that is out of keeping with the word of God, as Mary and Zacharias discovered. God therefore confirms their words with signs and wonders (Heb 2:4). The angels are mighty in power (2 Thes 1:7; 2 Pet 2:11; Rev 5:2, 10: 1; Ps 103: 20). One example relates to the angel stood in the sun in Revelation (Rev 17:19). An angel also singlehandedly rolled away the great stone from Jesus’ tomb (Mt 28: 1-4, Mk 16: 1-4). Angels go before the Lord’s people to guide them safely and accurately to their destinations (Gen 24:7; Ex 33: 1-3). Angels execute judgement against the haters of the Lord’ s people, as Baalim discovered (Num 22: 21-35). They surround the people of God to protect them as David discovered (Ps 34: 7) and Peter discovered when he was mysteriously released from prison in the dead of night (Acts 5: 7-25). Elisha discovered this to be very true when he was held in an ambush by Syrian forces. His servant Gehazi was petrified for his life, but the Lord opened Gehazi’s eyes to see the horses and chariots of fire driven by angels ambushing the ambushers (2 Kings 6). Angels reflect the glory of the Lord, which is light and life (Mt 28: 3, Lk 2: 9; 16: 5) and when you are in their presence there is a feeling of life and peace since they bring “peace on earth good will to men”. They like to laugh a lot. Angels also warn of impending danger and did so in order to protect Jesus from death in his infancy (Mt 2:19-23). Angels of the Lord worship God, being careful to give God the glory only as seen in the book of Revelation and never accept worship and will do everything to evade worship as Samson’s parents discovered (Judges 13: 17, 18; Lk 2: 13; Heb 1: 6, Rev 19:10). In the order of creation, angels were created above man in power and authority (Ps 8: 4-9; Heb 2: 9) with man being given dominion in the earth and its created things. In the resurrected Lord, we are seated at his right hand positionally, and this is the authority we as the saints must learn to exercise in the earth, the spirit realm and in the heavenlies. We need to work along with God and His angels in order to destroy the works of the devil in the earth, since we are an extension of His armies, to execute judgements on the heathen and the principalities and powers (Ex 6: 26; 12: 51). They are warriors and have authority against Satan and his armies (Dan 10; Rev 12: 7-11, 20: 1-3). We need to ask the Lord to please release His angels to our rescue when we need help, no matter what the nature of the help. They will tell you exactly what to do. While angels are spirits and can be invisible, they descend from heaven to earth and can appear in human form. We should therefore entertain strangers since we could be entertaining angels unawares (Gen 18; Mk 16:5; Heb 13:2). In the book of Revelation and in other scriptures they were described as having different bodily forms , faces, wings and can fly (Isa 6: 1 – 6). Mr President, there is more that can be said about these wonderful angels of the Lord. The purpose, however, is to present to the leadership of this nation, which is comprised of the people of God, an untapped and incomparable resource of might and power that is superlative to that of your armed forces. What can you give in exchange? Well, angels are curious about the gospel and desire to hear it preached and would quiz people to hear the word and to see if they know the scriptures (1 Pet 1,12) Your nation must therefore earnestly contend for the faith and get the word into the schools and into public places(Jude 3b). Intercessions and the speaking and preaching of the word in every and any form cause angels to be attracted to geographic locations and to people, curious to find and help the worshippers (Dan 3, 6, 10, Acts 5: 12-29, Acts 27) These scriptures show that angels are particularly released to help those who suffer persecution for the sake of the gospel. God is your refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble (Ps 46: 1, 91:1). Do not be afraid, but trust in the Lord, who saves His anointed. Life and peace.