The Lord wants us to be clear on the issue of tongues in relation to the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Please add if you have further clarity as it relates to the scriptures and personal revelation. The bible teaches us that there are tongues of men and tongues of angels (1 Cor 13:1).
There are three principles related to the speaking of tongues:
1. The first is that tongues are given for a sign (1 Cor 14: 22). The Jews who lived in other nations and who may not have known about the Lord’s life, death, burial and resurrection were able to hear on the day of Pentecost the “wonderful works of God” in their own language from non – native speakers and therefore believe. They were so astounded that untutored Galileans were language scholars of 16 languages that they asked “what meaneth this?” (Acts 2: 5- 12). This was certainly electrifying. It would certainly be electrifying if believers of all nations speak the gospel, prophesy and work mighty signs and wonders while speaking in an unknown human language to the glory of God.
It is evident from the scriptures that the disciples spoke in the tongues of men on the Day of Pentecost
2. Secondly, tongues must be understood by the hearers (1 Cor 14: 6-11) if they are to be edifying. They therefore, must be interpreted for clarity. In 1 Cor 14: 21, God complained that He had sent men of other tongues and other lips to speak to the Jews, and yet they did not hear him. Who were these? They were angels, men of other tongues and other lips who were sent to earth on missions in which they needed to speak to humans. Scriptures already confirm that angels’ words are steadfast because they speak what God says (Heb 2:2). Angels speak the tongues of angels (commonly called the heavenly language) but they speak the native language of the hearer when they are on missions.
They can speak Hebrew since they spoke to Abraham, Lot, Samson’s parents, Gideon, Mary and Elizabeth, Zacharias, Paul the Apostle, the shepherds watching their flocks by night and Jesus (e.g. Genesis 18, 19, Judges 13: 1-21 etc).
They can speak Italian because they spoke to Cornelius so that he could send for Peter who would preach the gospel (Acts 10). They spoke Babylonian because Gabriel spoke to Daniel in chapter 9 and “a certain man” also appeared to him in chapter 10. Michael also appeared and spoke to Daniel in chapters 10: 18-21. Gabriel and Daniel are princes or chief angels and are only released to VIP’s with extremely important kingdom assignments. They guard the throne (Ex 25: 17-22). They can speak English since I have heard testimonies of people who spoke with angels (see the book “the man who spoke with angels”).
These are only a few examples, but angels can speak any human language in existence. There are tongues of angels which angels speak in heaven and which believers speak by spiritual revelation under the utterance of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 13: 1; 14:1, 14). We need tongues so that we can speak to God and the angels in the spirit realm. The importance of tongues as a means for receiving spiritual revelation was previously discussed. Angels can speak to devils. I don’t know if there is a language of devils, but I have heard devils speaking in what sounded like tongues (kind of indistinct sound). Michael the archangel rebuked the devil in the name of the Lord when contending for the body of Moses (Jude 9). The Lord himself speaks to the devil, not because they are friends, but because He sits as a judge, hearing his railing accusations against the brethren (Job 1 and 2). Never mind him, he will be cast down one day once and for all (Rev 12: 10). Meantime, we know better now. God is calling intercessors to stand in the gap between the Lord and the accusations of the devil (Eze 22:30).
Poor Job had no intercessor on earth, not even his wife, but we do know now we have an advocate with the Father and that we can also resist the accusations of the devil and overcome his accusations and schemes by the blood of the lamb and by the word of His testimony (Rev 11:11). We can use our language of angels to rebuke and curse out devils, earnestly contending for the faith (Jude 3). I have done that on many occasions, becoming violent and aggressive in the spirit. This is a part of what Jesus means when He says that the violent will take back the kingdom by force (Matt 11:12). Blessings.

In conclusion, can you please search the book of Acts? You are going to look for about five recorded instances in which believers were baptized in the Holy Spirit. What were the evidences in each case? I have one personal experience in which my own brother Lyndon prophesied and received spiritual revelation even before I heard him speak in tongues publicly. That used to worry me back then, but I was convinced that he was baptized in the Holy Spirit. A search of the book of Acts clarified that to some extent. Now I have received further spiritual revelation, the issue is settled in my spirit. I thank the Lord for this wonderful opportunity to share the truth and to serve him obediently in edifying His body as He gives me the understanding. Goodbye and peace on you