There were 3 reactions in the book of Acts to the inaugural outpouring of the Holy Spirit. They were amazement, doubt and mockery. The outpouring or revelation of the Holy Spirit is not always applauded and welcomed by the religous sect/any unbeliever. The amazement results from the display of the wonderful works of Christ and doubt and mockery as to whether or not the prophecies, dream, visions etc were true.
If you found out, for example, that the numbers 666 in Revelation refer to three personalities (6 is the mark of man), will you believe? Who are they? The beast (Rev 11:7), the dragon (Rev 12: 7-9) and the false prophet (Rev 16: 13).
Does Alpha and Omega mean the Creator and Revelator? After all, God has no end because Moses says that from everlasting to everlasting thou art God (Ps 90: 2). God has a sense of humor (Alpha and Omega is just a term, a paradoxical hyperbole, to explain that there ain’t nobody like me, before me and after me). Satan found that out the hard way!
The number 7 means “that’s it- no more. I’m tired!” Seven days of creation, seven sons of Sceva, Seven candlesticks, seven dimensions of the Holy Spirit, seven churches, seven angels in Revelation (with the seals and to the churches), the Lamb had seven horns and eyes. There were also seven thunders and the red dragon (Rev 12: 3) had seven heads and crowns in the book of revelation. That is why 7 means completion. Even God has to rest (not that He really gets tired – Isa 40: 26-31). Anything more than that is one too many (in the context).
God is totally way out of the box of human understanding, thinking, comprehension and reasoning. Ask Paul. That is why he could not talk about the abundance of revelations that had been given to him. God says that He laughs at mockers (Ps 2: 1-4). The Holy Spirit is given to reveal the nature and personality of God. We have learnt about Him in abstract and theological terms, but the person with a personal relationship will know that while He is no no – nonsense, He is also a Dignitary (the One who sits on the Throne) but also possesses a great sense of humor. How else will you explain Peter’s escape from prison in Acts 5: 16 – 26 and Acts 12: 5-11? There is so much humor in the Bible that even the youths will say “God rocks”. How else will you explain Jesus fading through the wall of a building and scaring the daylights out of the disciples after His resurrection (Mk 24: 36 – 40; Lk 24: 35-36). Don’t mention the time after His resurrection when He appeared to two greiving, unsuspecting disciples and earnestly discussed the scriptures about Himself, His death etc (Lk 24: 13- 35).
How about this one? What will we eat at the Marriage supper of the Lamb? Manna? Certainly not! God got so fed up with disobedient children of Israel that He told the angels to make them some biscuits and throw it down to them! You don’t believe? How come there is a tree in heaven that bears fruit every month?!!! What about Baalim trying to curse Israel and God putting prophecies in his mouth instead (to Baalim’s consternation). How on earth could shouts could bring down the mighty wall of Jericho? Don’t try that stunt at home! You will hurt yourself. The funniest may be Michael  casting Satan out of heaven after He won him in the contest of heaven following his mutiny.
Satan has no rest, no peace, no opportunity to win any battles because God makes sure that He intercepts him by the innumerable company of saints and angels assigned to evey country, city and to His people. Of course, we must remember the strategies that will spring the devil’s traps (like intercession which got Peter out of prison in Acts 12:9).
Why does Satan lose time fighting a losing battle? It only takes Michael and his angels to cast him out of heaven for one last time in the book of Revelation (Rev 12: 7-11). That devil is out of his mind!!! The people at the tower of Babel and Sodom and Gomorrah had God in such a state of amazement that He actually had to come down to see what they were really doing?! As in, you can’t be serious! Rememebr that He knows everything, but these people were just out of this world!
Blessings and more to come