This is an invitation to become the student of a University whose success is 100% guaranteed. Entry into the University is exclusively for people who belong to the state called the Kingdom of God which is headed by a King called God Almighty. He rules over everything in heaven and in earth (Ps 22:8). He has the right because He created everything in heaven and earth and expects that everything will serve Him as King (Ps 24:1).
The people who enlist in this kingdom are collectively called the church regardless of nationality and geographic location. The entry requirement is spiritual rebirth by the power of the Spirit of God (John 3: 1-8) so that we take on the mentality and characteristics of the King and Kingdom people.  Another requirement for entry is water baptism which indicates that you have gone through the spiritual rebirth in which the old man or old you is now dead to sin and raised to live a totally new life (Romans 6: 1-3).
As the members of the kingdom or church, the King delegates His authority to you to rule in the earth. This means that the kingdom is in you and you can exercise this authority once you know the rules and regulations for doing so. His headquarters is in heaven and we contact Him through prayer, fasting, reading His book, praise and worship (his personal fan club).
When you enter the kingdom, you start by learning about the kingdom principles. Therefore you need to go to school. Your Deans are from the family God – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They write the course content and test you as time goes on to see how well you are learning and using the course content for the kingdom purposes. Your instructors and uplines are called teachers, pastors, prophets, apostles, evangelists, teachers (Eph 4: 11). Sometimes these people go by other names like elders, deacons, older women etc to name a few. Some of them have more than one job description. The important thing, however, is that once they have been assigned by God, they will be recognized by the fruit of the work that they do. The courses are life long, since you never stop learning, but one has the opportunity to move from stage to stage, progressing from novice to expert, expert, expert and greater expertise.
The objectives of the school include the following. To:
  • (1) aid learners to progress from novices in the kingdom to experts through the word of God
  • (2) transfer the power of the Holy Spirit with the evidences of wisdom, knowledge of God, understanding and quick understanding in the fear of God (so that you become quick rather than slow learners), counsel (ability to pass on the wisdom etc), might/strong spirit and power to do signs and wonders and ability to discern (unearth) good and evil.
  • (3) become like Christ in all the characteristics He displayed while on earth (4) train the learner to receive spiritual revelation from God.
  • Courses include the followingreading, studying and interpreting the word of God, praise and worship, praying with power, baptism of the Holy Spirit, spiritual warfare, enduring persecution, living a sanctified/transformed life, prosperity, how to develop the personality of Christ, spiritual revelation etc.
  • You will undergo theoretical and practical instruction which are integrated. While your kingdom instructors are from the church, God Himself, His Son and the Holy Spirit as well as the angels pitch in to play a key and major role in ensuring that you succeed. They will also test you during your entire life time to ensure that you adhere to principles laid out in the Book (Word of God). As you succeed at each test level, the content and tests become increasingly challenging. Successful students will be recognized for their efforts by special rewards on earth and will also receive special medals etc in eternity. Blessings.