To continue, Paul in Hebrews 7: 4 ascribed greatness to Melchizedek since the great patriarch Abraham, father of nations, gave tithes to Him. After all, God had given the land of Caanan to the patriarch, yet here comes Melchizedek saying that he came in the name of the Lord, possessor of heaven and earth to demand taxes (tithes) for the investment He had made in the patriarch!
Melchizedek did not even descend from the Levitical priesthood, but came marching up laying claims! How dare he?! (tongue in cheek Jews). Paul says that the irony is that men who die receive tithes on earth, but There he receiveth them of whom it is witnessed that He liveth (Heb 7: 7, 8).
Where is THERE? There is in the heavens where He appears on our behalf. Doesn’t He deserve some payment (!!!) can we ever pay Him for His work?!! What does He do with it? Do citizens of heaven pay taxes? How about Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven? All Jews and all heirs of the promise by faith owe tithes to Melchizedek or Jesus because even the Levites paid taxes and owe more than taxes to him while in the loins of their father (Heb 7: 9,10). More to come