Heavens! It does not appear so. After Jesus fought the greatest battle of all time, He became known as Jesus the greatest (not after Alexander the great who was terrible). He could not resist this one! He just had to, really He had to! show Himself alive to His disciples early on the day that He arose from that great battle, even before He presented himself and His spoils to the Father! Could you imagine that!? Mary His mother wanted to hug and kiss Him for joy, but He said “touch me not, for I am not yet ascended to my Father” (Jn 20: 17). He ascended to the Father (Ps 68: 18; Rev 12: 5) and here the devil tried one last ploy to reclaim stuff that was not even his. He was dealt with summarily by Michael and his angels (Rev 12: 7-11). The angels had the evidence that the Son was alive. After all, satan had not kept Him captive to death. Here He stood with the spoils of battle. Furthermore, He was triumphantly waving the keys of death and hell and they were trying to get it so they could show it off to the angelic commanders. The troops cheered. Jesus had the giant’s head. They had just just come back from war in the pits and were jubilantly recounting the event when the dogs of Bashan appeared to get more “licks” (Ps 22:12). The Father said, “satan, enough is enough! Leave the child alone! Get satan, Michael”. That was all it took, really. We too, overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of His testimony thah He is indeed alive forever more. After all, the disciples saw Him alive by many infallible proofs and John saw Him in the Throne Room. We have writen evidences and the witness of the Spirit of God as well as dreams and visions etc to the effect. Later that same day of His resurrection, in the evening, He came through the wall of a building where the disciples were sitting (Jn 20: 19). He has such a great sense of humor as we read from His interactions with them after His resurrection. At this time, He allowed Thomas to touch the scars (Jn 20: 27). He had already completed His assignment and had already placed His blood on the altar in heaven. He had already been crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lords and placed in a position of authoriy at the Father’s right hand. All the privileges of His victory were ascribed to Him (Phil 2). His captives were safe and sound, including the thief who believed on the cross. He now gave gifts to the disciples, like the Holy Ghost (Jn 20: 22) and the power to accept into the earthly body those who confessed their sins (Jn 20: 23). Hmmm. Enoch, Moses and Elijah had escaped as we saw in the transfiguration (Mk 9:4). Now all His heirs inherit His victory and we just follow Him in capturing the territories, people and systems that satan tries to retain control of. That is why He called a kingdom people. Amen!