This is juicy. Jesus is rubbing His hands, folks! Yes, we were saying that He descended into hell accompanied by His armies to get that devil(Ps 64: 7; 18:13; 68:2; Rev 19). First of all, Jesus had to overcome the strongman/the boss/the devil himself as he prophesied in Mt 12: 29. We learn from Israel’s battles in the land of promise that the other kings/principalities and powers become no match for the armies when the big boss is overcome. Let us therefore look at the premieres of Jesus’ warfare from the books of the Old Testament. The armies would literally get the head of the main contender, symbolizing that the brain of the outfit is out of circulation. David sank a stone into Goliath’s head to floor him then cut it off (1Sam 17: 51, 54) and the Philistines fled. A woman broke Abimilech’s skull (Jud 9: 53,5); Jael nailed king Sisera’s head to the ground (Jud 4:21); Joshua exerted a show of force and shamed 5 kings by telling his captains to immobilize them by putting their massive feet in their necks (Josh 10: 24). This is part of what we do when we tread on serpents and scorpions (Lk 10: 19). Joshua, whose name is equivalent to Jesus’, would also shame the heathen by hanging their kings (Josh 8: 29), beating them up (Josh 10: 26), casting their bodies into caves like the common criminals that they were (Josh 8: 29). Jesus’ descent into hell was an ambush, a surprise attack, although the enemy should have been warned because of His activities in casting out demons during His ministry (Josh 8: 4-7). There was noise of battle, yells, shouts, yodels, screams of triumphs as angels chased devils (Gen 14: 13; Ps 35: 5). Swords were glinting in the darkness and some angel was yelling “the sword of the Lord and of Gideon”. Jesus was declaring the purposes of God for the enemy with authority. Every time the devils heard the Word, it would cut them to pieces and they would bawl for murder, as we say in the Caribbean. They particularly hated to hear about the Lake of Fire (Jud 3: 15 -29; Ps 149: 6-7). Angels were still playing music (horns and things like that) and the singers were shouting high praises to Jesus so the devil and his devils had to put his hands over his ears becaue he hates God to be praised (Ps 149), giving the army an opportunity to tie them up. Does Jesus fight fair? When Jesus got the devil, He wrestled with him, broke his teeth, symbol of strength and took away the keys to the strongholds of death and hell (2 Sam 5: 7; Ps 58: 6; Rev 1: 18). Uhhuh! Jesus subdued that devil, wounding him till he could not rise, treading him under His feet, stamping him like dust(Jud 3: 30, 4: 23; 2 Sam 8:1, 22:39, 40, 43; Ps 44: 5; 91:13). Jesus and the angels had surprsie tactics (get dem before dem get you). He and His angels pushed devils down to the ground (Ps 44: 5), drove them back (Ps 40: 14) then out (Deut 6:19). Sometimes they pretended to be caught, but angels behind would capture the area (Josh 8). They utterly destroyed the strongholds that satan held over the earth and its people (Gen 14: 15; Ex 17: 13; Num 21: 3, 35; 31: 10; Jud 1; 1 Kings 18) and recaptured the spoils from the enemy (Gen 14: 16; 1 Sam 30: 18 – 20). There was no mercy for satan and his hosts (Deut 7). Their horses were houghed and chariots burnt (Josh 11:8; 2 Sam 8:4). Jesus dipped His feet in the blood of His enemies (Ps 68: 23; Rev 19:13). He used His Right Hand to help him do the warfare and to direct His armies (He was the captain), like His Father (Ex 15: 6; Ps 118: 15), Moses (Ex 14:21), Joshua (Josh 8: 18-26) and Gideon (Jud 7: 18). Principilaties and powers had to flee at the sight of their boss on the ground in chains, shamed and embarrased (Ps 68:12; Col 2: 15). Satan could not prevail at all (Rev 12:11). Jesus said, “satan, your name has no power, I rule everywhere in heaven, in the earth, under the earth. Everywhere! My Father, the Spirit and I rule. I am the boss. I am not dead. I am alive for evermore”, then He dangled the keys of death and hell to the devil’s everlasting consternation (Rev 1: 18). The Lord got out the iron rod of Authority and beat the devil with it (Ps 2:9) and told the devil that anyone bearing His name woudl do the same thing to the devil. Jesus is Lord! He prevailed (Jud 3:10). Up to this day we keep a memorial of His triumph and celebrate as often as possible in the Lord’s supper! 2 Samuel 22 and Ps 18 are pictures of more of the warfare. Please read the action! Up to this day devils believe and tremble and submit to our authority because we behave just like Jesus in spiritual warfare. Get that devil. More to come!