Let us examine God’s strategy in Ps 68 for recovering the “issues from death” (not necessarily in any particular order). He always makes a declaration of His intent to His people, then He arises to scatter the enemy, like He did to Pharaoh and His hosts. Jesus in His life taught the course “how to recover captives 101” and His victory in His death was the eventual triump of the devil who held control of death and its capital hell. In spiritual warfare, God goes before His people like He did in the wilderness (v 7) and angels in chariots follow Him (v 17). God taught us in Rev 19: 11 – 15 that Jesus the avenger rides into battle on a white horse. He wears many crowns as evidence of victories won in warfare and of His Lordship. His clothing is dipped in His enemies’ blood as in Ps 68: 22,23. He also uses the sword of his word to smite His enemy the devil. In His death, He descended into Satan’s territory, accompanied by angelic choirs and warriors in order to recover the captives held there (Ps 68: 18; Eph 4: 8-19). Ps 68:25 reveals that singers and musicians go before the armies of the Lord to distract and confound the devil and his demons (after all, they like music). We also learn from Paul and Silas that praises and prayer cause earthquakes in hell, shake its foundations, cause its doors to open and loosen bonds. This is manifested by a simultaneous event in the earth realm. Examples include the earthquake that took place when Jesus gave up the ghost and the opening of the saint’s graves and resurrections that took place at His death (Mt 27:51 -54). This is the reason why God told Jehoshaphat to put singers and players ahead of his army after the order in heaven (2 Chron 20). The enemies also wonder if they are fighting a choir, become distracted and confused and mutiny. Another example is that of Joshua who was accompanied by the Captain of the Host (Jesus) and angels in the warfare for Jericho (Josh 5: 13-16). God gave the strategy. The people were to do a pretriumphant march/prayer march (the literal walls were thick and tall and needed lots of preparatory shaking equivalent to prayer and fasting). The ark, symbolizing the presence of God, was taken out of the tabernacle and 7 priests blowing trumpets (music) marched ahead of the ark. How do we announce God’s presence except by a musical fanfare as in Ps 100: 2? The Lord says that we have indeed underestimated the power of praise and worship! They were to compass the city 7 times on day 7 (that’s it – no more!) and blow the trumpets. Hmm. God galvinized into action and the kingdom of hell quaked, its doors opened and the ruling principalities had to loose their hold on the city. Hence the walls fell down flat when the people gave a great shout, sound effects to scare the devil out of hell itself. Israel now only had to invade and burn it to the ground (Josh 6). Jesus was not alone when He went down into hell. Do you think that God would leave the angels inactive on the side. After all! They had been waiting for this battle for a long, long time. I could imagine Michael and Gabriel in position leading them on under their Lord’s command! Maybe the Father pelted some hail stones down from heaven like He did for Joshua in 10: 11. Get the picture? More to come!