I spoke to some extent about principles related to the fasting diet found in the scriptures. We are chastening, killing or crucifying the flesh so the spirit can become more active, more alert, more responsive to God and purged of impurities. In so doing, we follow the example of Christ who was empowered in His death to undergo warfare in another dimension (pits of hell) that would set us free from the power of darkness. Therefore, people who fast would find that they live more in the realm of the Spirit of God, which Paul calls walking in the Spirit in Romans 8. It seems to me to be interrelated because the walk in the Spirit requires the subduing of the flesh. This is the state where all things become possible to him that believeth (help me Father to walk the talk!). I thought that I should return to this practical component of fasting because some people prefer not to eat at all. Every one must follow his or her personal conviction. However, for practical purposes some intake may be necessary for prolonged fasts (remember a fast is a hunger strike). When the body is deprived of nutrients, glucose, fat, then protein stores are used for energy sources. The end products of some metabolic processes can be harmful (e.g. ketones which are acidic products from fat metabolism) and for this reason some authors recommend juice fasts while others recommend fruit and/or vegetable fasts. Raw foods (derived from plants) are living things (see how they grow when they are cut down) that supply enzymes that catalyze body functions, nutrients, water for cell hydration and oxygen. I found an interesting recipe for “green lemonade” which the author claims would supply the chlorophyll, digestive enzymes, minerals, vitamins, water, energy and oxygen needed for cell cleansing and hydration (NB I have not tried it yet, but it is similar to others that I have tried) – 1 head romaine lettuce, 5-6 stalks kale, 1-2 apples, 1 whole lemon (organic), 1-2 inches fresh ginger. This should be juiced and used on an empty stomach and a total of about 12 ozs taken daily. The lettuce and kale could be replaced by other greens such as cucumber, spinach and dark, green leafy vegetables (Rose 2005). In her book, “the raw food detox diet”, Rose (2005) also encourages the elimination of processed foods and the increased intake of fruits and vegetables. There are other wonderful books whose authors also advocate the benefits of juice fasting and/or the benefits of the raw food diet e.g. The Maker’s diet by Jordan Rubin. To end, some years ago I read an interesting book on “the release of the spirit” by Watchman Nee (available on Amazon.com) and would recommend it for readers who are seeking greater spiritual communion with God. Blessings and remember, this is the greatest year of your life (Love Fellowship Tabernacle’s 2007 theme).