I just wanted to share a vision that I had last night in the Midnight Cry at Love Fellowhip Tabernacle, Brooklyn, New York. Shortly after the prayer began, the Lord came in with His angels. He went to the platform, took a seat and crossed His legs, so I began to egg Him on. He got up and took a cup of oil and poured it over Pastor Hezekiah Walker (I was speaking what I saw), then He went to Minister Joeworn Martin, then Pastor Neil Harris and did the same thing.

I egged Him on again and He started to pour oil out of Himself (like in heaven and the vision Ezekiel saw of the river up to ankles etc) down the platform and through the aisles (on the side that the worship leaders sit). As the oil began to flow I became jubilant. It then started to fill up the building, starting about 3 inches in height then came up almost to the roof, then out into the streets. I have never seen anything like this before.

Jesus then placed a blanket (the mantle of the anointing) over the building, wrapped it around the sides and some cars outside. It was whitish. I got so drunk in the Spirit and could hardly stand and spoke in new tongues that I have never heard before. He said He is well pleased that His people would fast from sleep and come out at midnight to praise Him (even the children). Be prepared for blessings!

As He did His ministry, the people would erupt into shouting. This happened before we got up from our knees. The angels (I did not see them so clearly) were doing work in the congregation – healing etc. The wind (joy) came after also in the hearts of the people. All we need to do now is to do the works of the anointed ones.

In 1993 thereabouts, the Lord called me into a group of 7 women from the New Testament Church of God, Lowmans Hill, St. Vincent and the Grenadines who had a heart for intercession. To launch, we went to the prayer room of Prophetess Ruth Lyttle and she told us to just go and work the works. We did that – praying in homes, churches etc, casting out devils and bringing deliverances to captives. We did not even have a “mashanda” – we just had to go in faith, smile.

Since then I have continued this ministry and know that great works are ahead as a result of the outpouring that the Lord gave and the mantle that He placed on His people. This is a word of encouragement. We do not always see the events in the spirit realm when we pray, but God let me and maybe others see that vision as a witness of the power of the midnight prayer. Can you imagine that Jesus came to keep our company! Actually, he was there even before we started. Love you Jesus! He is here, he is here .. for in the sanctuary God is here!