I was trying to find out about those cherubims guarding the way to the tree of life in the midst of the eastern part of the garden of Eden (Gen 3: 24). The only clue that I could find so far is the usage of the terms “living creatures” in Ezekiel 1 and “beasts” in Rev 4 to describe angels in the Bible. The Law of similarity shows that the living creatures and beasts that Ezekiel and John saw are one and the same angels. In Revelation 4, John describes the four beasts – one was like a lion, one like a calf, one with a face like a man and the other like a flying eagle. The are angels because they were full of eyes “before and behind”, they have wings so they could fly, they worship ceaselessly and speak. Strong’s Dictionary suggests that the word “beast” which used to describe the angels in Rev 4, 5: 14 and 6: 1-7 is unsuitable and “living creatures” should be used instead (blueletterbible.com). The word beasts emerged from the Greek root word “zao” which is characteristic of true life. Furthermore, these “beasts” are in perfect harmony with the will of God in heaven (Rev 6) The figures of the lion, calf, face like a man and flying eagle could be representative of the personality, role and function of these angels. I suggest this because they dwell “in the midst of the throne, and round about throne” (Rev 4: 6). These angels could have an extremely important role in executing God’s plans and purposes in contrast to that of other angels. For example, Zechariah saw these 4 angels (which John called beasts) in chapter 6. An angel told Zechariah that these 4 angels are the “four spirits of the heavens that go forth from standing before the Lord of the whole earth” (Zech 6:5). They differ from Michael and Gabriel who are the covering cherubs of God’s presence (Zech 4: 14). In Zechariah 6, these four angels came forth from heaven on 4 chariots with red (Rev 6:4), black (Rev 6: 5,6), white (Rev 6: 2)and grisled and bay horses (Rev 6:8). Their roles are explained in the comparable chapter of Revelation 6. See the similarity in the chapter number?. These 4 angels went to different areas of the earth (Zech 6: 6,7). They were the eyes of the Lord, searching out the evil and the good (Pro 15:3, Deut 11:12,2 Chron 16:9). Since they did not find good in the north country, they quieted the Spirit of the Lord by destroying the evil there. The Lord told Zechariah (6: 8)that “these that go toward the north country have quieted my Spirit in the north country”. Can the Lord’s Spirit become agitated? Yes, He became agitated when the Tower of Babel was being built and quieted His Spirit by changing the languages, upsetting the people’s plans and dispersing them. He did so when the people of the earth in Noah’s day became exceedingly wicked and He destroyed them in a flood. He did so again when the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah reached up to heaven and He destroyed the city by fire. He killed the Caananites through the sword of His people Israel because of their idolatry, devil worship (as we learnt from Og the king of Bashan) and wicked practices such as passing their children through fire as a ritual of their worship. These angels had a role in preparing the way for the return of true worship and the establishmento of the throne of His Son (Zech 6). More to come!