Cherubims and seraphims are extremely important in the order of angels! For example, the angel Gabriel told Daniel that there were secrets that only he and Michael were privy to (Dan 10: 20-21). God’s chief angels are greater in power than the chief princes of satan. For example, in Daniel 10, Gabriel the chief prince came forth to help another angel to overcome the Prince of Persia who withstood him for 21 days. Michael the other chief prince is of greater power than the devil. He was sent to claim Moses’ body (Jude 9) and also led the army which cast satan out of heaven in Rev 12. According to the Law of Equal things, we know too that Gabriel also has equivalent power since they both cover the throne and since Gabriel said in an 10: 22 that they two were the only one possessing certain of God’s secrets. They would be equivalent to Chiefs of Staff. God has set this order or example in heaven for a purpose becasue He wants to teach us that choefs of staff here on earth, the Pastors, Teachers, Elders, Bishops, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists etc, must be men and women who dwell in His presence, share His intimate secrets and who possess and exercise greater spiritual authority than tht of the devil. Satan always resists God’s plans, either in person or through a representative as we leaarn in Daniel 10 and Zechariah 3:1 and it would take another with greater spiritual authority to resist him steadfast in the faith. This is important because satan was formerly one of the cherubs that covered the throne (eze 28: 14, 16). He therefore has a lot of power and knows a lot of secrets that he can use to our destruction if we are ignorant of his devices/wiles. We also learn from Gabriel that satan continues resistance activities evn when we defeat him on one ground. He told Daniel that the prince of Grecia would come to fight him in revenge for getting through to Daniel and to increase the strength of the resistance to any further prayer. This is a serious lesson for us in the importance of continuing ot hold any ground that we have taken from the enemy. Jesus Himself said that the personality of demons is to seek dry places once they are expelled from a dwelling place and to return to it with stronger demons in order to take up a more forceful and powerful occupancy (mt 12: 43-45). We’ve got to be more careful about maintaining our prayer, praise, worship, word and holy lifestyles so that no room would be given to the devil- “no room, no vacancy na dey! Back way satan”. The final issue I would like to examine is the pictures of the cherubims on the walls of the earthly tabernacle and in the vail of the temple (Ex 26: 1; 36:8, EX 26: 31; 36:35, 1 Kings 6: 23-29, 2 Chron 3: 10-13, 2 Chron 3: 14, 1 Kins 6: 29-35, 2 Chron 3: 7, Eze 41: 18-20). What is the symbolism? Well, even as the angels surround the walls of the tabernacle in heaven, even so do they surround the living temples of the Most High God. Ps 34: 7 says that “the angel of the lord encampeth round about them that fear Him and delivereth them”. Even as they wait on Him in His temple, so too do they help the heirs of salvation. The Psalmist in 91: 10, 11 says that no evil shall befall us because He puts angels in charge of us. We the kingdom people have out own security system which is better than ADT. Minister Winston told me that Jesus is symbolized by the tree of life of whom we must eat in order to receive everlasting life (Jn 6: 51,53) even as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil represents the devil. That got me thinking further that if the angels guarded the way to the tree of life, symbolizing Jesus, is this the reason why the cherubims are engraved into the vail of the temple that was built on earth? Did the vail in the Temple represent Christ to whom the access was blocked under the law? Note that the vail preceded the entrance to the Holy of Holies! Note too that only the High Priest could enter and once a year to offer sacrifice for his and the sins of the people. Note too that the vail symbolically rent from top to bottom when Jesus gave up the ghost, in other words, when He rent His spirit from His body. This is very symbolic because we access God through Jesus Christ (Rom 5: 1). Paul in Romans 8 said that those in Christ are no longer condemned by the law. In Hebrews 8 and 9, we learn that Christ showed us the way into the presence of God by the sacrifice of Himself. Blessings and more to come!