I just want to focus on Isaiah 14 where satan, (Lucifer the son of the morning) is equated with the king of Babylon. His character is revealed as the oppressor (4) who ruled the nations with a staff and a scepter (6). He ruled in anger, smiting the nations with wrath continually, like Rehoboam. He is a destroyer and made the world like a wilderness, destroying the cities (17). He is full of pomp (self importance) and strength (11) and his entrance is known by loud musical accompaniment. He is a tyrant, weakening nations (12) and exalting himself to the heavens as in Revelation 12 (12). This was the spirit of Hitler. His heart is wicked. He is a hater and coveteous (13) because he envied God’s position and tried to depose him in order to sit on His throne which is called “the mount of the congregation” on “the sides of the north” (13). This is similar to Ps 48:1. He said that he would be like the Most High (14) but God had a plan for him. He gathered an army of angels and fought against God. These angels are “reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgement of the great day” (Jude 6). God responded by breaking the staff and scepter of his rulers as in Rev 19: 19 – 21 when He destroys the false prophet and the beast. He persecuted satan as He would do in the plagues of the book of the Revelation. He weakened him and destroyed his kingdom which is equated with the kingdom of Babylon as He will also do to it in Revelation 14:8. He cast him down to hell and will do so for 1000 years (Rev 20: 1-3) but even the grave rejected him. This is where we should cast those demons when we expel them! Look at the response of the captives when he arrived (Eze 14:7,8). In the ends of time, God will remove the yoke and the burden from the people for the 1000 years, but he will be released from the pits for a season, and bring forth a fiery, flying serpent symbolic of the speed with whcih he would have to work to deceive the nations (Rev 20: 7-10; Eze 14:29-31). He will eventually be recaptured and cast into the Lake of Fire (Rev 20:10). This is a great come down for satan. According to Ezekiel, when he is destroyed the earth will be at rest and joyful (7), trees will rejoice because there is no one to attack (8), hell and the dead there will be stirred up to meet him (9) and the people there will be amazed that he has fallen from heaven and cut down to the ground (Eze 4: 9-12, Rev 12). This is a picture of the fall of the enemy but also a prophecy of his eventual doom – as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. Let the Almighty God be praised!