I was directed to write this blog today although I had it in the making for quite a while now. What a strange title! Korah, Dathan and Abiram – suicide specialists! Well, they had to be. Their example (nobody try this trick at home etc, you will die) was written for our admonition and is found in Numbers 16. They are an example of the spirit of the devil – treacherous, deceived, deceiving and full of pride, just like Cain. The message God wants to send through these suicide bombers is that there is authority and destructive power in the anointing for His opponents, even as it brings life to those who align themselves faithfully to it, rather to Him and His chosen servants. What did these guys do? First, they were Israelites who had left Egypt with Moses and were from the tribes of Levi (Korah) and Reuben (Dathan and Abiram) respectively. They instigated a rebellion/”rose up against” Moses, claiming that he had lifted himself up above the people and that he was not the only anointed one or leader in the crowd (3). The Spirit told me that there is always a gathering against the anointed one. After all, these men and their confederates were famous among the people and men of renown, concepts which mean the same thing, but this is how God wanted it written to emphasize the point(2). Maybe they were among the leaders who had been chosen to lead the people. Maybe they had evidence of God’s divine favor as they claimed in verse 3. Today, they would be the leaders in the congregations, people with their own influence and a following, feeling they could do things better than the shepherd assigned by God to the flock. If this was the case, the Spirit says the proper response would have been to air their views in a spirit of meekness about how leadership could be enhanced. They could also have prayed the or spoken the vision into being. That is why He put different giftings in the church and not one gift. One man or woman may have only a part of the vision and that is why the church is a body for collaboration to take place. This is not consensus. Every thing must be done according to the will of the Lord eventually and the shepherd (the one in charge of the flock, the one watching for your souls) is the one who is accountable to the Lord for the final decisions taken. Note Moses’ initial response in verse 4. He fell on his face, entering the realm of the Spirit in an intercessory and warfare mode. He immediately received a response from God which he showed to the three crazy boys. His response to Korah and his company was basically this – tomorrow God will show who is who. You say you are holy and can appear before Him, well He will show you! Since you want to be the leaders and the priests here, burn your own incense (representing intercessions) before the Lord. Moses then exhorted them that the calling to minister in the tabernacle and to minister to the congregation was not one to be taken or entered into lightly (8-9). He equated their rebellion as rebellion against the Lord since the Lord had appointed who He had chosen to minister before Him ((10-11). This situation that Moses was dealing with was perpetuated by a spirit. I have seen it in action over the years in both males and females. The spirit can exist in the church in members, particularly leaders. It is usually very aggravating to the leadership, arrogant (usually deceptively) and deceptive since it operates under cover. It has a way of promoting itself, that is promoting its works (and good stuff too) in building the kingdom. One needs an acute sense of discernment to recognize it. The spirit also tends to attach itself to the leader in order to harass unknowingly and to take away that which is given. It is a backstabber and will literally dig out his or her eyes, not just with words. It always rises up against the leader or anointed servants who must accomplish kindgom purposes in the particular area. In the case of KDA Inc (Korah, Dathan and Abiram), the opposition was overt. I know of one case where it went from house to house, literally, setting itself up, insinuating against the leadership and turning the membership/followers astray. I know of other cases where the spirit followed the servant of the Lord to places where they were assigned in order to harass them and to interrupt the assignment. That is why it is important to stay in the place of assignment until it is complete. The spirit attaches itself to the individual and becomes competitive and aggressive. It is therefore a wise thing to hold one’s peace about your assignment and to do it without fanfare in these instances. It will try to kill you with its words, cursing you in the spirit and operating in the spirit of witchcraft. The irony is that from the cases that I know, the individuals with these spirits have always needed help. The Spirit is telling me that it is a Judas spirit. That is why Jesus left Judas alone because He had only 3 years to work and he knew Judas was Judas, so why waste time and energy in confrontations? He even let him keep the money bag to appease the spirit. He had to do what he had to do. That was a form of power because Judas thought that he had Jesus, stealing his money and pretending to be so concerned about the poor. Now since we are not Jesus who could get money out of the fish’s mouth, don’t ever let these spirits get any place in your ministry or they will dig you out – take your stuff, come up in your face smiling while trying to kill you without remorse. More to come!