The problem is that some of us do not recognize this spirit. Although I have been dealing with it for years, the Lord is now defining the nature of the problem clearly to me and I am getting the ‘aha”, putting things together into context from varying experiences. Your Judas could be on your job, a friend who turned against you for no reason, in the church (a hater), in the family. It takes a spirit that has been exercised in discernment to detect this spirit because it can be very subtle. Generally, beware of anyone who practices lies and changes a story around to suit the occasion, for example, someone who will give you a new version of the story to manipulate you. Later you will find your self in a fine pickle for having allowed that Judas into your life (as I myself did not pay attention to the warning signals with some business people). That is why it is good to have a good memory and to have signed agreements if you are doing business because Judas will make you out to be a liar and suddenly develop a mind blocakge to issues you want to deal with. We will talk later about Saul as another example. If you live with Judas, as I have (not in my immediate family, mind you) you will be kept in a state of irritabiltiy because for some reason these spirits like to be heard and usually talk about themselves, giving the same stories over and over and over (repeatedly is an understatement). This is just like the devil who was full of pomp. They will try to undermine your sense of esteem and if you are not careful, your spirit can indeed be wounded. The keys are never become competitive wiht the Judas spirit. Know who you are. They just become more irritating if you blow your trumpet excessively. Lok at how God used Anna and Simeon to talk about his Son (lk 2). An argument to prove a point is usually an exercise in futility. Jesus allowed Judas to do what he had to do until he exterminated himself, in the context of His purpose for coming to earth. We are not to allow Judas to overcome us. The bible says we must resist the devil and he will flee. Your Judas will self destruct. Don’t discuss personal affairs that cannot be read on CNN and any major news agency. Judas will discuss you with the employees, friends and in front of children. It has absolutely no discretion. Keep the spirit under subjection. Plead the blood and shut it up when it starts on its course. It is very subtle. Fast and pray and obey the leading of the Holy Spirit. Flee from it and minimize contact or it will aggravate you and transfer spirits to you e.g. depression. This spirit operates in witchcraft and can use the power of God to curse you, so beware of the smiles. Witches etc will align with this spirit to kill you, like the chief priests did with Judas, because its actions attract them in the spirit realm. If you read the spirit of the individual and hear their thoughts, you will realize the extent of the deception and murderous intent because in the heart it plans evil but says the opposite with the tongue. Keep personal prophetic utterances to a minimum. Like Judas, it hates the prophetic and will try to kill you as a result. Pray for the anointing to destroy the yoke. You may have to part company full time if the person cannot be delivered because the state of deception is so severe that the person is usually extremely self righteous and will kill you one minute then praise God with the next breath. Look at satan. He appears before God to accuse us, like he did to Job. This spirit will come up in your face, as I was warned and do good deeds either to appear as a friend or to inveigle itself into your circle. Like Judas, it has the personality to attract influential people and uses them to get some attention. They usually talk a lot about their so called “connections”. If you read Ezekiel 27 and 28 and isa 14, you will realize that satan had connections galore. Whatever you do,it is important to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading as to how to respond because different manifestations demand different responses. For example, Judas was kept in abeyance, Moses dealt aggressively with Korah, Dathan and Abiram and David fled when his life was at stake (after all, Saul was king). Although God Himself allows satan to come up in His face, He can only tolerate him for a short while and gets the angels to kick his butt out of there. How do I know that? Well, this is what Jesus tells us to do in essence in Lk 10: 19. God keeps that devil in subjection or he will destroy the place. That is why Jesus had to “give him wud” in the temptation in the wilderness. That is why God gives us weapons of war to bind his rulers and nobles in chains and fetters of iron. That is why he took away the key of death and hell to minimize his control and the reason why He has some big chains waiting for him as we discover in Rev 20:1,2. That is why He is planning to loose some plagues against him in the revelation of His son. Wait and see. I could go on and on but hope that you get hte picture. Hear this one. That is why He had to shame him in Col 2:15. Want to hear more. Ha Ha! Read the B-I-B-L-E! Sometimes when you respond aggressively in the spirit, Judas starts to bawl for murder, feeling that you are being cruel, but these spirits need to be shut down aggressively or they will feel they can take advantage of you. I had to break out in tongues once when one such individual railed against me, then they complained that I had over reacted. That saved me, because I had to beg the Lord for mercy when He began to avenge me and avenge me He did! I must say, however, that Judas can be hidden in prophets, false ones, as I have personally found out. The true prophetic spirit/utterance is like Jesus Christ, full of love, does not envy and is not competitive. The true prophetic spirit is not afraid to celebrate others’ gifts and will make every effort to encourage and enhance the gifts in the body of Christ by transferring them to others and helping them to grow in their calling. For example, Moses delegated leadership to others and Paul fathered Timothy and others so they became effective ministers. Jesus Himself taught and prepared the disciples to do greater works than He had done although the scriptures say that the world would not be able to contain books to hold the miracles that He had done (jn 21:25). This is really funny! How can we exceed this in a life time, yet this is an example of the spirit of true generosity which is manifested in anyone whose life is patterned after the spirit of the Son of God. Jesus I love you. Praise your name. Blessings and more to come!