It’s amazing how the bible is so full of the issues pertaining to real life. How could it not be the word of God? Saul is an example of the spirit of Judas in leaders. In this instance, the spirit of Saul is threatened by members/followers who possess great leadership ability, giant slaying anointing and who are celebrated by the masses.

Oops, David, maybe you should have stayed at home because your valiant anointed act cost you 25 years of terror and persecution for your very life. When you read 1 Sam 17: 53- chap 18, you will realize that Saul was pretty ok with David initially, that is until heyyyyyyyy! (thanks Parkers!) the people came out to greet him on his return from the battle of Goliath with singing, dancing and joy.

Here is evidence that this spirit does not like competition. It has to be master of all it surveys! The women called out to each other “Saul hath slain his 1000s and David his 10,000s” (1 Sam 18: 7,8). Saul frothed. His ego was busted. He was accustomed to being the center of attention and the women, the beautiful women, were celebrating a stripling (1 Sam 17:56). That was highly embarrassing!

The spirit of fear, jealousy and murder came on him and he began to eye David from that day on (gave him “bad eye” as we say in the Caribbean). It was bad enough that he had opened himself up to demonic oppression when he failed to kill the Amelekites as the Lord had requested, but now he had double oppression because of the spirit of envy and jealousy (thanks Debbie).

Next day the evil spirit came on him and as usual David was prophesying in music, uttering dark saying upon the harp. The demon told Saul to throw his spear and nail the man of God to the wall. David was caught up in the Spirit, one eye on Saul to monitor his progress, when all of a sudden this spear came flying at top speed, straight for his heart. The angel managed to pull him out of the way.  David was well prepared the second time – Saul tried another time! (1 Sam 18: 10-12).

Your Saul will try to murder you with javelins (fiery darts of the evil one) of words, lies, oppression etc. They will make your life difficult and unbearable. Just think of your own life and see how destructive these attacks can be! I know about them.

Secondly, Saul operated in the spirit of fear, lies, intimidation and obstruction of progress. He had promised great reward to Goliath’s killer (1 Sam 17:25) but the rules and condition suddenly changed, making his promise a grandiose one. He promoted David as captain to 1000 instead of 10s of 1000s (1 Sam 17:13) and told the man of God that he had to bring the foreskins of 100 Philistines as a dowry. How ridiculous can these leaders become when they are trying to kill you? David doubled the amount of foreskins and came back alive, hardly intimidated by this threat (1 Sam 18: 15-30).

Saul became more fearful, because David’s progress showed up his own inadequacies. After all, he could not even kill a single giant! If he had had the opportunity, he would not have promoted David. He did do something, yes, but David was overqualified for the position and could have become frustrated.

This is what the spirit of Saul will do to you. Yes, you do get some promotion, but Saul will never listen to your ideas and will do everything in his or her power to obstruct your progress, sometimes giving unbearable and reasonable assignments, sometimes making you sit there doing nothing while other people of lesser ability are promoted and praised. Never mind, Saul, great works do not have to be accomplished in your presence. Tell that to your Sauls, everybody.

Very importantly, Saul operated in the spirit of persecution. He expended a lot of time and energy to kill the new order, kill the anointing. If you are in ministry and have a vision from the Lord, Saul will oppose it and hunt you down mercilessly. Doesn’t he have anything better to do? Philistines to kill? Cities to build? Sometimes the persecution is covert, but still present nevertheless. Think of how my Lord had to escape from the Jews time and time again, not because He was afraid to die, but because His time had not yet come! This is the spirit of terror and a manifestation of the devil himself who terrorized nations according to Isaiah 14. You will have to flee from Saul’s ministry of death in order to maintain your sanity, ministry and remain alive. If you are under this ministry, it will kill your spirit because all you are getting are javelins in the spirit realm. Your ministry means nothing to Saul who will kill you even as you minister to the Lord.

Saul too had the split kind of personality – nice one minute then evil and unpredictable the next as the result of demonic oppression. Unlike KDA Inc, Saul did not want to be David, he just wanted to be rid of the man of God, who represented a new yoke destroying anointing. The man was not even preaching, he only played music and look at the manifestation of power! He was the golden boy! Everything he touched turned to gold. He did not “curry favor” yet he was the darling of the people! Sheesh!

It was too much for Saul. He hunted David up and down the place and could not find him. Even his son Jonathan favored his enemy. When David visited Samuel the prophet and he tried to kill him, God laughed at him like he laughed at Baalam and made him prophesy for hours while lying on the ground to his great disgust! (1 Sam 19: 18-24). He became a laughing stock in Israel. Everyone knew Saul was no prophet, but the opposite (1 Sam 19:24). This is God’s revenge on your Sauls. Eventually he self destructed and died. He had to make way for God’s new order. He had rebelled against the Holy Spirit by touching the Lord’s anointed and like a mother, the Holy Spirit took action to deliver the darling out of the hand of his enemies (1 Sam 31).

Blessings! More to come! Thank God for true men of God, who like their Lord are big enough to reproduce themselves in others and God be praised!