On Sunday morning the Lord asked me to write in greater detail about the Judas spirit. When I talk about the spirit, I am talking about its manifestations in the lives of individuals. I deliberately use the term spirit because it manifests in humans who open up themselves to its control. Judas was one of Jesus’ inner circle of friends, or 12 disciples. This is important because they were the ones to whom He shared the secrets of the kingdom of heaven and important too because the spirit of Judas is really the spirit of satan, who is a traitor, hater, envious, covetous, murderer, proud spirit to name a few.

Some of the disciples were cautious in their description of Judas’ spirit, but John the beloved was not tight lipped. Judas’ spirit was exposed in John 12: 1-6 although the same event was described in Matt 26: 6 and Mark 14: 5. Judas’ envy of the Lord came to a height when He was celebrated at a supper given by Lazarus and his sisters. Since Lazarus had been raised from the dead, you could imagine the accolades and praises that rang out to the Lord. The Judas spirit hates you to be celebrated or acknowledged in any way. They are commonly called haters. This was satan to the T. Read Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 for a blow by blow description!

To make matters worse (Judas ground his teeth), Mary prophetically took a pound (not even an ounce) of extremely costly perfume and anointed Jesus’ feet then wiped them with her hair, filling the house with the odor. Judas wondered how gross can a person become. This angered him very much because as far as he was concerned, he could have made a good profit selling that perfume and therefore could have lied about the price and pocketed a good deal of the money. The Judas spirit will always oppose the prophetic utterance and this is why he became indignant and stirred up the ignorant disciples about the issue of Mary’s action. Prophets and prophetesses beware!

The other accounts on the issue say that the disciples became indignant, but John the beloved (because he was forthright and honest says the Lord), says that Judas was the ringleader and that he was a thief (Jn 12:6). Apparently they did not know about his practices but John, Jesus’ best friend, was in the know. Judas was the treasurer and was motivated by greed and covetousness. Do you know anybody like that?

Judases are thieves. They will take your stuff in an underhand and deceptive way. They may not steal from you outrightly, but will use every opportunity to borrow your money even when they have or after they have spent theirs on creature comforts and they are always in your closet, taking your stuff even when they have. I’m telling the truth. Judas was further aggravated by Jesus’ explanation of Mary’s act, when the Lord called it prophetic and a preparation for His death. Matthew 26: 14 said it was at that instance that Judas went to the chief priests and asked for money in exchange for Jesus.

He was spiteful – ok I did not get that 300 pence, so let me get you instead. Let me help you to this death you love to talk about. Beware of the Judas spirit. It will plot to get you in another way if its desires to take advantage of you are not satisfied. I know what I am talking about! Jesus further told him that the poor was always there, but He the Lord would not be with them always. Judas thought, “so what?” This was no consolation for the man. As far as he was concerned, he should have been the one receiving the accolades. He should have gotten the money! Was he not a disciple and casting out devils etc? Strange but true. This is the spirit of pride.

Luke 22: 2-6 implies that Judas held this against Jesus because he began to hang around the chief priests and scribes who were the Lord’s major haters. Your Judas will form a confederacy with your enemies to trap and kill you since there is strength in numbers and the devices to kill and stop you can become more effective. Judas opened himself to demonic possession as Lk 22: 3 says when he began to confer with the Lord’s enemies in the spirit of murder.

Satan was only using him since we later learnt that Judas repented after the Lord was captured and mistreated but was not absolved by these wicked men. Satan held him in a vicious cycle of hate, entering him to stir him up to murder then leaving when the deed was done. Judas came to himself after the spirit left him and took the money back but the priests etc had accomplished their task. He became filled with self condemnation and killed himself out of lack of self forgiveness.