I ended by talking about the cycle that satan held Judas in. This is why these individuals present with a split personality.They are nice and pleasant on minute then cantankerous, disagreeable and downright dangerous at others, like king Saul when the evil spirit came on him. The worst types are those who pretend to like you because when they are pleasant they are just lulling you to a relaxed state, waiting to strike again, like the serpents they are.

I saw one such individual in a dream, looking like a silver snake. One recently told me herself that she had a split personality. They will literally rail against you in indignation because of real or imagined wrongs, striking like a serpent. these are the serpents Jesus spoke of in Mk 16: 18. They are usually very deceptive persons and will twist a story around and around until you are dizzy with their manipulations, like their father the devil. They have no compunction about telling a lie.

Now I want you to know that the spirit can manifest like a virus in varying degrees of virulence. The more the person is open to the devil, the more virulent the manifestations and the attacks. I will later talk about Saul who had the same kind of spirit. Remember this is the spirit of satan in full manifestation. Notice that Judas allowed satan to put betrayal into his heart (Jn 13:2). he became open to this spirit because of envy.

This spirit is accompanied by a whole host of demons as we learn from Judas – hate, envy, malice, murder, pride, jealousy, coveteousness, theft, deception, lies, bitterness, control, betrayal/treason, fear (Judas), suicide. It will align itself with other deceivers as Judas joined with people who tried to trap and kill Jesus by deceptive means. It respects and loves the person of men to enhance its own feeling of superiority or inferiority as the case really is because Judas went to the chief priests and not lay people to achieve his ends. Note how he operated in the spirit of intimidation by bringing a multitude of armed people to arrest the Lord (Lk 22:47, Mk 14:43, Mt 26: 47-49)and how he betrayed His chief hang out or liming spot (Jn 18: 2-4). Your Judas could be your best friend, wife etc. It knows your movements, moods, strengths and weaknesses and will betray them to your enemies.

The Judas spirit has no compunction about telling your private business and matters of the heart, sexual habits etc to its friends. They will laugh and mock at you behind your back and destabilize and weaken your ministry base, just as Judas tried to do by stirring up the disciples against Jesus. Can you imagine the time he had discussing Jesus’ teachings etc with the chief priests etc?! His was an exercise in futility because Jesus revealed that He knew about Judas’ deception even at the table of the lord (Mt 26: 23-25). The spirit lacks discretion in many cases because it cares nothing for you and will embaress you publicly. Some of the backbiting may be overt, but in other cases the individual can make insinuations about your actions and personality that are designed to turn other people against you and make itself look good, really good. Never tell these people anything that cannot be read on CNN or you will regret bitterly. Note that they may even try to kill you physically themselves if given the opportunity. This is the reason why Jesus said that if we drink any deadly thing and it would not harm us (Mk 16:18). what were His personal experiences? This kind of individual always ends up by hanging themselves in some way. I know of cases where the devil had to attack the individual’s family members as a sort of compensation for the inability of the Judas to trap the servant of the lord. This event caused a lot of pain, embarrasment and financial loss to the family – a case of the innocent suffering for the guilty.

The truth is that the Judas spirit wants to be you, wants to take your place, your mate, your gifts, your anointings, belongings etc even like satan in Ezekiel 28. Husbands and wives, don’t let it get close to your mate. it will operate like you, loving, caring and kind (I had a prophetic dream like this although I am not married, but I got the point). It will listen to your mate’s complaints and insinuate against you, stirring you up to indignation about some area of weakness that you possess. It will tell your mate how much better he/she is for him or her. It will wait until you mate is alone to strike, just as satan waited until Eve was alone to strike and to insinuate “hath God said?” Yes, God had said, allright, but Eve had already been eyeing the fruit and tryign to figure out how to get a hold of it. Get the picture?