When the Lord asked me that question, I told Him I didn’t know and He replied “how come, it’s right there!” (rather irritably). When I looked again, I got it.

First of all, Saul was a liar. He was not known to be a man of truth as the prophets were. That is why the people of Israel were in a state of amazement for days when he prophesied initially on meeting Samuel’s prophets (1 Sam 10: 10,11) and later on when he hunted David when he was reported to be staying with Samuel (1 Sam 19: 23,24). This came out in his lie to Samuel when he told him that the people had kept the best of Amalek’s animals as a sacrifice to the Lord. The Lord had wanted Amalek totally destroyed for blocking and fighting Israel when they were led by Moses. Furthermore, why did they keep the king Agag alive if this was the case? (1 Sam 15). God became so offended at Saul’s response that He rejected him as king. Help us Jesus!

Secondly, Saul was a coward. He could not pluck up enough nerve or think of even one strategy to fight Goliath. Israel could have ambushed him!

Thirdly, he was a murderer. He killed 85 priests who offered help to David when he was in need. You’ve got to be careful of your Sauls because they will try to destroy innocent people around you just in revenge. They may do so by cutting off their supplies etc and by harassing them to the extent that they would break off their support of you.

Now Saul’s name means “ditch, death” (blueletter bible.com). God used him to whip the children of Israel in revenge for rejecting Him as their king and for asking for a king in order to keep up appearances with the heathen nations around them (1 Sam 8). If the people wanted appearances, then God gave it to them. Is God’s tongue in His cheek in 1 Sam 9: 2? Saul is described as being a “goodly person”. No one in Israel was “a goodlier person than he, from his shoulders upward he was higher than any of the people..” Ooooh!

In 1 Sam 10: 23,24, the people shouted when they saw that God had “chosen” a king who was taller than any of them. He was a giant, but he did not have a giant destroying anointing. We’ve got to be careful when selecting leaders, mates, ministries etc just to keep up appearances, because we may get a Saul. Help me Jesus!

That is why God went through much pains to choose a man after His own heart the second time around. David was no ugly man, indeed, but while Samuel was looking for someone with Saul’s exterior, God was looking at the interior design (1 Sam 16). God will take whatever anointing that is on your Saul and put it on you (1 Sam 16: 14). Saul had an evil, prophetic anointing that did not come from God. This is how far he fell (1 Sam 18:10).

Well, I must end here. This message is directed to me too and an encouragement that when God chooses for you that which is after His own heart, it is a choice that one will never regret making.