Ezekiel 28 narrates the downfall of satan who is equated with the Prince of Tyrus. I call this the spirit of Tyrus, just as there is a spirit of Babylon, Persia etc. At a later time I will examine these kingdoms in scripture in order to obtain fuller understanding of the spirits controlling them. You can do so meantime as well. Since Eph 2:2 says that the spirit of satan is the “same spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience,”, we need to examine satan’s downfall from the exalted place to which it was created.

I call satan it out of respect for Paul who I met this morning and who became very vehement as he described the nature of satan which he described as being inhumane and below that of an animal since the nature is so degrading. Paul reminds me of Michael. Anyway, Ezekiel describes satan’s exalted position before the deception and fall:

* Satan was created full of wisdom and understanding, knowing all secrets, being even wiser than Daniel (3). According to verse 12, satan was “the model of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty” (New International Version 1984 in blueletterbible.com).

* Satan was the high priest of God as I inferred by the stones which were copied into the high priest’s breastplate. This transfer of the stones was drawn to my attention by Minister Winston. This can be obtained from a comparison of Exodus 28:13 and Eze 28: 15 -21:

  • The high priest’s breastplate had 4 rows of precious stones that satan wore in the Garden of Eden (except for row three).
  • Row 1 had the sardius, topaz and carbuncle.
  • Row 2 contained the emerald, sapphire and diamond.
  • Row 3 had stones which did not cover satan – the ligure, agate, amythyst, while row 4 contained the beryl, onyx and jasper. All of these stones were set in gold. Could you please do a literature search on the significance of these stones?

* Satan was the Lord’s jewel, His prize angel and He showed this to us by crowning it with jewels. He also considers His people as His jewels and prized possessions as Mal 3:17 prophesies:

“and they shall be mine, saith the LORD of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him”.

* The Lord also drew to my attention that the priest’s breastplate signified the breastplate of righteousness which covers and protects the believer’s chest or his/her spirit from injury from sin (Eph 6:14). I hear the Lord saying again that the breastplate of righteousness symbolizes our sinless and holy lifestyle without which no man may see God.

* The comparison of Ex 28: 15-22 and Eze 28 show that Satan was created as a priest to God, as a king and intercessor. This breastplate was called the “breastplate of judgement” and the names of the tribes were also inscribed in the stones. Why? Whenever the priest appeared in the presence of God, he was automatically making an intercession for God to execute judgement on behalf of His people. Furthermore, after examination of the role and place of the high priest in Leviticus and the role of Jesus the High Priest, one would realize that satan functioned in a very intimate postion with God, in a place of extremely high favor.

* According to the blueletterbible.com, a breastplate consisted of two parts and protected the body on both sides, from the neck to the middle and speaks metaphorically of righteousness, (Eph 6:14), faith and love(1Th 5:8). It would protect the soldier’s vital organs and tell us that we need to remain in rigteousness, faith and love in order to protect our spirit from exposure to the wiles of the devil and vital injury. These virtues are for the sanctification of the believer. We cannot afford to be injured in any spiritual attacks or suffer with spiritual chest/lung disorders such as emphysema, empyema, COPD, asthma, broken ribs, flail chest, pneumothorax, hemothorax etc. These conditions impair our oxygen supply and ability to breate in the natural. In the spirit realm they will cut us off from the power supply and hinder us from breathing the breath of God or from receiving the anointing. Thank you Lord for that undertanding.

* Satan’s position explains why God called him “the anointed cherub that covereth” (Eze 28:14).

* Satan was not only a high priest, but the worship leader.  Musical instruments such as tabrets (timbrels or tambourines) and pipes  were prepared in satan on  the day of its creation.

He had all of this yet chose to let it go by rebellion.