Satan was formerly the anointed cherub that covereth, the chief musician and high priest of the Lord of Hosts. We also learn that it “walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire” (Eze 28: 14). What does this mean? Remember Ezekiel’s vision in chapter 1: 2, when he gave the description of the “coals of fire, like lamps, it (the appearance of the fire) went up and down among the living creatures and the fire was bright and went forth like lightening”.

These are the angels that are found in Revelation 4 around the throne (see blog of 1/5/07). In other words, satan walked up and down between these angels, leading in worship and intercession since it was the high priest. God showed me what this meant by giving me an example at the end of Sunday morning prayer at Love Fellowship Tabernacle/LFT on the FIRST Sunday of 2007. At the end of the prayer time, we would usually gather at the altar and hold hands while an elder would lead in the prayer. When I opened my eyes, Pastor Rodney Brown was walking up and down between the intercessors praying and worshipping the Lord as we followed in agreement and intercession. We were not in a circle but in a tight oval formation. Now the intercessors on this day were mainly the leaders/elders of the church who are required to be at 8 a.m prayer as part of their personal spiritual discipline, example to other believers and growth and power of the LFT. God did not tell me anything about this meaning until Monday morning and halelujah! He is now reminding me about the worship scene in front of the throne in Rev 4.

Who are the participants directly in front of the throne of God, as in up front? Oh my God! They are the four living creatures, 24 elders (12 disciples and 12 children of Israel). This divine order is repeated in Rev 5: 1-9 where these 2 groups are the ones who directly interact with God as to who is worthy to open the book (in confirmation and agreement with the will of God from the foundation of the earth). The 24 elders were not present at the foundation of the earth, but they were a critical part in accomplishing God’s plan in the earth and He therefore gave them this honor on their arrival in heaven. God is showing me that this order has so many implications for the body of Christ. First, the elders as in all the leaders are to lead the body by showing the example of worship and intercession. They cannot be indifferent to the worship and presence of God. There was a leader before the rebellion.

Although Revelation does not seem to indicate a particular leader, a divine order is followed in that the four angels led first, as well as Michael and Gabriel, then the 24 elders followed their example(Rev 4). Who taught these 24 men how to fall down before the throne. It was a case of “monkey see, monkey do” (pardon me elders, no offense meant). This order is repeated in Rev 5:8-11 except that these 4 angels and 24 elders were now joined by “ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands and thousands” of angels . This heightens my concerns about the North American tradition in which preachers, bishops, Prophets etc join the congregation at the time when they are appointed to preach. If they do join before the worship in song etc is complete, they remain indifferent to the presence of the Lord. This is a general observation that I have made in many places. God is saying that no one is exempt.

Who are we to fail to worship? Even the most powerful angels worship! Even God is present when the intercessions are made as they are carried out in His presence. Why have man/humans/church leaders failed to follow God’s example? This is why believers do not know how to pray or worship in many churches, because they will not believe even if an angel were to appear and show them how to. Do you know that the Lord is bored by “worshippers” who go through the motions, singing songs about an activity that they know nothing about. It stresses Him out. This is what He told me recently. There is no passion, intensity or interest in such an individual and it shows in the body language and facial expression. His passion is to be praised. If we don’t praise Him, He will not cooperate and we will have no anointing, no cloud, aura of His presence, not miracles, signs, wonders, outpourings of His Spirit. It is time that we put aside pride and give Him what He desires! This is what satan did not want to do and we will talk about that later!