The bible says that we must give no room to the devil. It was cast down because iniquity entered its heart due to its wisdom, beauty, brightness and riches. Satan lost its brightness and became black due to sin. This is a chilling example to the body of the Lord. Christ is the head of His church and He alone is to be worshipped. Do not give His glory to man. We must exceed the praise of the Lord above that of man because He is extremely jealous. We must exceed diligent search for the Lord above the search or desire to get into man’s favor, who will fail us anyway. He will reward those who diligently seek Him. If you excell in service, worship and intercession here on earth, He will make you a ruler in His heavenly kingdom, giving you a place of prominence just as He did to the 24 elders. You will confer with Him on key issues, while others holding power but no relationship with Him on earth will have to sit back and cry “Lord, Lord, did we not…?”

Some of us will get in by fire insurance policy because He will just barely find our names in the Lamb’s book of Life. If you think I am joking, the Lord says to read 1 Corinthians 3: 12-15. The gold, precicous stones, wood, hay and stubble refer to temporal, earthly or carnal things that we can see. In other words, some people are not building Christ into His church, according to verse 11. They are building for fame, fortune and for many other motives. Fire will try the validity of the works of the believer.

A woman was taught this lesson by the Holy Spirit when she was falsely accused and persecuted in the most terrible way. One has to be built on Christ if one can rejoice and be exceedingly glad in the face of persecution, pray, rejoice and forgive the enemy. Her work or testimony would have been burned by ungodly reactions such as revenge, hatred, bitterness or strife. We building on Christ when our reactions are His reactions, for when He was reviled He did not respond. In fact, He taught us to heap coals of fire on our enemies’ heads by giving them water and food if they were hungry and thirsty.

Isn’t this a hard and unhuman response?!! He taught us always to be ready to give an answer to any one who asks us for a reason of the hope in us. If our fruits are His fruits, then we are building the body of Christ after His image and likeness. If like satan, we are laboring for positions, fame, vain beauty and wealth then we will be cast down. Think of the men of God whose works were revealed as unfruitful – te men who fell from grace because of sin! Their works were burned and they suffered loss, just like satan, the former high priest, chief musician and worship leader in heaven. We are to resist the devil and it will flee from us. We must not allow the devil to get an advantage, but earnestly guard that which God has put into our hands, always giving God the glory like the 24 elders, angels etc. We must hasten to fall down before the throne, for who else is worthy. We must resist the temptation to love money by hastening to give up the spoils that we earn as tithes and offerings, just as Abraham gave up the spoils to the Possessor of the heaven and the earth. We must hasten to give up our very bodies as living sacrifices and set ourselves apart for Him. This is my prayer for myself. Amen