I am writing this particular blog because I am about to enter into a 21 day fast with Love Fellowship Tabernacle although I’ve been in a prolonged one since December 2006. The warfare was so severe and still is that I had to start this fast early. Anyway, the Lord told me in 1/4/07 at 1.30 p.m that there I am entering into 4 levels of spiritual warfare (I had already started too). The first is warfare against the spirit of deception which He calls the spirit of America. He said that this spirit has undercut the fabric of the righteous foundation of the nation. Justice has been perverted in the nation and the spirit has woven itself into the fabric of the nation. The Lord says to think of the Shaivo case. The 2nd level of warfare is against the spirit of terror (includes warfare against psychics, witchcraft,soothsayers, spirit of astrology etc). He says that His people must put these spirits away.

The 3rd level of warfare is against the spirit of perversion and the 4th against the spirit of unbelief which is the same as idolatry. This is a serious spirit and manifests in the churches as a form of godliness, says the Lord. He also told me that spirits were released from the day that I set myself to fast and to pray, but that He released angels Gabriel and Michael and His hosts to wage the war. This is true. I am exhausted and struggling right now against the spirit of deception which has cost me a job. God is my avenger. It seems that lies are so common place in this country that one does not know who to trust. Anyway, this is the word of the Lord to me and I am praying for deliverance for myself as well as the people of the nation. Blessings!