We see from the incident of the temple and the miracle in Cana that Jesus remained in subjection to His parents. However, He later relinquished the hold of His family to do the will of His Father.  He was very beloved by His relatives since Jn 2: 12 shows that He travelled with them and spent time with them in Capernaum. Thereafter, He was on His own.

The example of Mark 3: 21 shows that His friends thought that He was crazy when He began His ministry of teaching, healing and ordination of 12 disciples (Mk 3: 10, 14). Where in the law does it say that one can ordain disciples, plus He was not even a priest??! Who gave Him the authority to do the things He did? He was not EVEN following the established order but that which had been instructed by His Father.

Meantime, the scribes were causing a big uproar by telling the people that He was demon possessed (Mk 3: 22). They showed nothing but envy and jealousy because their power base was diminshing as a result of Jesus’ minsitry. They, like some of the beloved’s accusers, came from long distances just to cause conflict, distract and to destabilize the Lord.

While He taught them the truth, His mother and brethren came to call Him away from His “madness” (Mk 3: 31 – 35). He had already relinquished the control of His family as we see in His response to the crowd (not even to a few people) that “whosover shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, and my sister and my mother”. Scriptures do not give their response but they must have been hurt, angry and puzzled! He had fully established a new line of authority and communication with His Father and was not going to be dissuaded.

Jesus manifested the Spirit of wisdom in avoiding cliques which the people tried to put Him into (Jn 2: 23-24). They wanted to do something great to show their appreciation, but he avoided them because He knew the devices, cunning, betrayal, envy and wickedness in the hearts of all. He knew who He was (Jn 2: 24) and did not need them to tell others about Him. This sounds strange because He would tell the healed to go and show themselves to the priests.

However, the crowd in Jn 2: 23,24 had devious intentions in mind as we learn from Jn 3: 26- 4: 2). They went to John and reported that Jesus was baptizing, “and all men come to Him” (Jn 3: 26b). In other words, gleefully rubbing their hands, His ministry is bigger than yours. Be careful with people who try to measure ministries in terms of sizes and numbers with the intent of arousing strife ! This was a major case of gossip or comess as Caribbean people would say! John’s response shows maturity but when Jesus heard of it, He interpreted the maliciousness of the report and left Judea since He did not want to cause embarassment for John, His relative and forerunner/personal prophet (Jn 4: 1-3). He could see about other things.

Since the motivation of His ministry was not to acquire fame and large crowds, He went through Samaria to find one adulterous woman to whom He preached the gospel. She became His first evangelist to Samaria, bringing the whole city to Him. This was far away from John (who He loved) and the messengers of Satan. The gifts of discernment and word of knowledge also manifested in Jesus’ encounter with Nathanael. Nathanael confirmed that Jesus had accurately discerned the condition of his spirit – it was without pretense (Jn 1:47). We saw that because Nathanael asked “whence knowest thou me?” (Jn 1:48). His response was predicated on Jesus’ exclamation “behold and Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!” Jesus also had long range vision, being able to see Nathanael in the spirit while the latter stood under the fig tree . Our Lord was exercising the gifts that had been placed in Him at His birth.

Blessings! I hope the Lord’s life has been a blessing to you and that you would follow in the perfect example that He set for us.