There are few people in the Bible who are directly referred to as God’s beloved:

  • Jesus is highly beloved of His Father and this is evidenced by the Law of Repeated Things, where 3 writers of the gospels reported twice about God speaking from heaven and saying “this is my beloved Son” (Mt 12:18, 17:5; Mk 1:11, 9:7; Lk 9:35, 20:13, 2 Pet 11:17).
  • Others who were specifically called beloved of the Lord include Benjamin (Deut 33:12), Solomon (Neh 13:26), David (Ps 60:5, 106:8), Daniel (Daniel 9:23, 10:19).
  • Gabriel the Chief Prince of God, twice called Daniel a man “greatly beloved”, another example of the great favor bestowed on Him by virtue of the usage of the Law of Repeated Things.
  • All believers are beloved by God and accepted into the beloved who are the hosts of saints and angels who dwell in His presence (Ps 127:2, Rom 1:7, 9:25, 11:28; Eph 1:6, Col 3:12, 2 Thes 2:13).
  • The City of God is also referred to as beloved (Rev 20:9).
  • God told me that the beloved are beloved because they loved righteousness and hated wickedness according to Ps 45: 7.
  • While the title beloved is given to all those who love God, the “greatly beloved” have excelled their peers in loving righteousness and hating wickedness. As a result, God anoints them with the oil of gladness above the other beloved. In other words, they are given extra portions of the Holy Spirit and this is also evident in their lives and the nature of their assignments of earth. Why will you trust someone who loves deceit and iniquity even as the devil does? Ps 45:7 is a prophecy spoken of Jesus, and an examination of His life, which is the Perfect Example, will reveal this truth.
  • God showed His great favor for the Son in the scriptures by announcing far in advance the details of His birth, death and resurrection so that the Jews would recognize Him and make Him welcome. The parables of the Kingdom reveal however, that this would not be the case. His birth was heralded by a fanfare of angelic song and He received gifts worthy of His status from kings and princes. Since He did not come to seek the rich only, God showed by example to His church that even the middle class (the innkeeper), the poorest of the poor (the shepherds) and all people who heard the news should come to worship His beloved.
  • In His childhood, there was evidence to show that He was a child par excellence (like the other beloved of the Lord in scriptures). By the Law of Repeated things, Luke showed twice in the same chapter that He increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man (Lk 2: 40,52). This law is important to pay attention to in the scriptures, since Joseph (another of the greatly beloved by inference), explained to Pharaoh that repeated things are established by God and that He will shortly bring them to pass (Gen 41:32).
  • We talked repeatedly about the Spirit of Wisdom and its manifestation in the believer. Jesus superseded Daniel, Joseph and the others in wisdom. The increase in wisdom was also incremental in each developmental stage of His life. He also increased in stature or moral strength, strength of spirit, strength of character.
  • David was an example of a person with stature. At a young age he killed a lion, bear and a giant, quelled Saul’s demonic attacks by playing music, knew how to conduct himself in front of Saul even when the people acclaimed him as the better man, and possessed magnetic appeal from the anointing that brought the dispossessed of Israel to join him as he fled from Saul.
  • A review of Daniel’s life will reveal the same strength of character that led him to refuse to participate in idol worship in Babylon. Joseph possessed great stature and I believe that Esther also did too.
  • Persons of great stature are the statesmen and women in the realm of the heavenlies and confer with the Lord on key issues on earth. They are privy to His secrets (Ps 25:14). The manifestation of these qualities in young people is generally unusual, but they show the standard that we must build into our Men and Women of Standard (thanks LFT) from infancy to the grave.
  • There are no exemptions in the Body of the Lord. This is important, because contrary to popular opinion, it is the people with the stature of God who will reign with Him on earth (not just in eternity). He will show evidence of His favor on their lives, even as He showed to Daniel, Joseph, David etc in giving them personal prosperity, causing their bosses/leaders to prosper, giving them promotion to key leadership and managerial positions, giving them favor with other people and the ability to know and reveal secrets and interpret dreams.
  • These beloved of the Lord caused idolatrous kings and kingdoms to recognize that they had the Spirit of God and to bow to worship the only true God that they served. These individuals also possess an innate graciousness and appeal even as Joseph was described to be a “goodly person” (Gen 39: 1-6).
  • Always remember that the beloved of the Lord are always put to the test of character and faithfulness to God, even as Jesus was in the temptation in the wilderness, Daniel (chap 1 and chap 6) and Joseph and the temptation to adultery in Gen 39. Although much was not said in scriptures about Jesus’ life as a child, we can infer from these saints that He also possessed these gifts in great measure and examples of His adulthood will show this to be true.
  • Blessings and more to come!