Jesus told me that the author of “The Da Vinci Code”  is a miscreant and crazy, crazy, crazy! They are, He said, like their father the devil, the father of lies. He asked me to call His key witnesses, His enemies the scribes, Pharisees and Saducees. They hated and envied Him and accused Him of many things. Not once, however, did they accuse Him of any indiscretions. If they had found any such evidence about fornication, homosexualtiy (why are the people so crazy?)He would not have lived to see the cross. They would have stoned Him at the outset of His ministry.

We need to understand that these 3 groups were His secret spies:

  • They had people stationed every where He went. They would attack Him verbally, setting traps in order to catch Him in His words and activities (Mk 12:13, Lk 11:16,53-54,14:1, 20:20).
  • Their accusations were always about his supposed blasphemies because He forgave sins (Mt 9:1-3, Mk 2:7, Lk 5: 20-21, Mk 10: 33).
  • They accused Him when He ate with sinners (Mt 9: 11 ,mk 2: 16, Lk 5: 30),
  • for fasting fewer times than John and his disciples (Mt 9:14, Mk 2:18, Lk 5:33),
  • for picking corn on the Sabbath day (Mt 12: 1-8, Mk 2: 23-24, Lk 6: 1-2),
  • for failing to wash His hands before eating (Mt 15: 1-11, Mk 7: 1-5, Lk 11:38)
  • and they also accused Him of deceiving the people (Jn 7:12).
  • They accused Him of casting out devils under satan’s jurisdiction! (Mt 12: 22-32, Lk 11: 15, Jn 10: 19-21)
  • and were even angry that someone from a poor family had such power and authority (Mt 13: 54-57).
  • They concocted plots to kill the Lord for healing on the Sabbath (Mt 12: 10-14), because of the parables (Mt 21: 45-46, 22:1-22, 26: 1-4), out of indignation for his popularity (Mk 14: 10-11), because He preached against them (Lk 20: 19, 22:2).
  • They also plotted to kill Him because He said He was the Christ (Jn 7: 27-32, 10: 33-39), because the resurrected Lazarus was evidence of His power (Jn 11: 45-53, 12:1-11).
  • They concocted strife between John and Jesus (Jn 3: 25 – 4: 1-3),
  • watched to see if the Lord would heal on the sabbath (Lk 6: 7-8, 14:3)
  • and tempted Him with questions to see if He was of God or the devil (Lk 11:16).
  • In short, they were mean and spiteful and behaved just like satan before it was cast out of heaven for treason, trying to depose God Almighty. Their accusations were so measly and unsubstantiated that they wasted Pilate’s and Herod’s time in a major charade as they tried to prove their case. Both men told them that they could find no fault in Jesus (Mt 27:11, Lk 23: 3-5, 10, 13-15, Jn 18: 38) .
  • He had come to His own and they had not received Him, but He gives the rights and privileges of sonship to tose who believe on His name (Jn 1: 11,12)