I was at 6 am prayer at LFT today when the Lord spoke to me about things pertaning to angels, Himself and His sons. He has put me on a vow of silence (verbal) for 7 days of the 21 day prayer, so all I could do is listen and write. Anytime I open my mouth He tells me to be quiet, so I pray with my spirit. Yes, one can do this according to 1 Cor 14.

Anyway, the Lord began by speaking about the angels who scriptures call “sons of God” (Gen 6:2, 4; Job 1:6,2:1,38: 1 – 7). The latter scriptures show that the angels were present at the creation of the earth. The Lord then started to teach me about His only begotten Son as well as those of us who have received power to become sons of God, like the angels (Jn 1:12) and like His Son. We spoke of angels previously, but Jesus taught us the following about the inheritance of those who become sons of God by believing on the name of the firrst – begotten Son. This is found in Lk 20: 34-36 and says that

“Jesus answering said unto them, the children of this world marry, and are given in marriage: but they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage, neither can they die any more: for they are equal unto the angels; and are the children of God, being the children of the resurrection.”

Please pay attention here, we must first be counted worthy to obtain that world, and will be like the angels who live forever and do not marry. We are also called the children of God because of the resurrection by which we obtained an inheritance with the beloved. We will be equal to the angels in the following ways:

  • they dwell in the presence of the Lord, worship continually, execute the Lord’s decrees since they are ministering spirits (Ps 103:21)
  • are sinless since there is a nature of angels which Jesus did not take on (Heb 2:16).

Angels minister to the heirs of salvation like they did to Mrs Manoah, Mary and others. When you meet them, you need to be ready with pen and paper, because they will share with you the mysteries of the kingdom.

For example, the servant of the Lord told me that dinosaurs were created before Adam and are not clumsy as they are made out to be. Scientists have also mismatched the bones. I was also told that the ice at the north pole is melting and that polar bears are becoming extinct – take it or leave it.

They will give you gifts of varied types and may even ask for a gift, which tickles them because they get to show off to the other angels and to God about the encounter. They will question you about the Bible and things of God to see what you know, so please be ready with the spiritual revelation and ability to rightly divide the word of truth. This pleases them very much. They are always around you. Never fear. They will help you and tell you what to do. Sometimes they hold conversations with each other to instruct you.

I met one angel outside of the Library after writing the blog on Jesus the beloved. He was walking up to the subway on an assignment and initiated a conversation about the content of what I had just written, all the way up to Utica Avenue station. He gave me a gift as well.

Angels have no body odor. They smell very clean and fresh and some will let you know who they are by giving you a whiff, for example, by lifting the arm. This is really amusing. They will walk and talk with you and are loathe to separate from the encounter.

They are funny, like Michael, who came into White Castle dressed like a beggar. He is very clean and fastidious. He was fast talking and funny, but when he got close all one could smell was perfume! A beggar wearing perfume! I nearly rolled away. Now I was told to tell you about the angelic encounters, but I held back out of caution. I am being urged every day to do so.

How will you know them? First, you have to be in cahoots with God, for then shall you know even as you are known! (1 Cor 13: 10-12). They tell you ‘angel” and tell you what to do or say, for example, by calling out “angel” in response. This is really funny. At other times they give signs, like trying to get me to eat at least some nuts during the fast. They really love the beloved and will outdo themselves to help/serve you when on special assignments.

If you are mediocre in the kingdom, you will hardly attract the attention of angels. You need to search diligently for God and have a heart that really loves Him. For example, Daniel’s angel was Michael the chief (Dan 10:21) but it was Gabriel who came to his rescue, because they love the beloved equally and Michael tends to be more retiring.

They are mighty in power/strength (Ps 103:20), possess spiritual bodies (more on this), ascend and descend into heaven as we saw from Jacob and Jesus’ testimony, execute the vengeance of the Lord as they are full of fire (Ps 104:4). There are ranks of angels as we learn from the key positions of Michael and Gabriel and the 4 angels around the throne who execute judgements in the earth (although they are not the only ones). They are organized like an army, with Commanders etc. You will know them from the bearing. Help the little ones who need a promotion, please, but don’t let them take advantage of you.

Angels hate satan and war against it and its angels. They carry the word of the Lord and also carry the prayers of the saints to the Throne of Grace (Dan 10:12, Rev 8:3,4). Therefore we receive angelic assistance when we begin to fast and pray, which are the most powerful forms of intercession as we learn from Daniel and Jesus (Lk 4). This is because prayer and fasting strengthens the spirit and induces mountain moving faith which causes the impossible to become possible (Mt 17:18-21, Mk 9: 19-29).

As a result, satanic strongholds will come down and in anticipation of this, the enemy always try to intercept the prayer in order to prevent its demise. Israel’s 40 year fast in the wilderness increased them in superhuman strength to fight giants riding in chariots of iron. Blessings and more to come!