Did you think I had finished? No I am not finished! I’m only the secretary, so I have to write what the boss tells me! 1 Jo 3:2 says “beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as He is”. We first said that we will be like the angels in the resurrection and now God is saying that we shall be also like Jesus when He shall appear.

This scripture refers to a current and personal revelation in which we receive the spiritual revelation that transforms us into His very image as well as our future state in the new heaven and earth. This is the YEAR OF THE GREAT GET BACK . We are taking back the inheritance/privileges of sonship that satan once had and stole from Adam in exchange for rebellion. What a loss!

What is Christ like at this present time? Before we examine this, we need to understand that He gave up certain privileges when He came to earth in human flesh. One of these was the privilege of the spiritual body. His spirit was cloaked in human flesh, a personal humility for Him, but He became obedient to the extent of dying in indignity on the cross! His human body was limited. While He was able to defy gravity and walk on water, He suffered the pains of hunger (Mt 2:2), thirst (Jn 4: 15), fatigue (Mt 27: 32), isolation (Mk 15:34) and potential rebellion (Mt 26: 36-44), great sorrow (Mt 26: 38) to name a few. He was the Son of God in a human body.

He gave us a preview of what we shall become by using His transfiguration as an example (Mt 17:2, Mk 9: 2, Luke 9: 28 – 31). His transfiguration was accompanied by prayer (Lk 9: 28), teaching us that our transformation must be accompanied by fellowship with God. His transfiguration was accompanied by a transformation in His face (Lk 9:28), a shining face and a whitening of His raiment, which became “exceeding white as snow”. This whitening speaks of the whitening/lightening of the spirit as we are purified by God. Moses and Elijah, who were translated, appeared, speaking with Him about his death.

When we are transfigured, we will see into the heavenlies, saints and angels will appear to instruct us and to confirm God’s purposes. The cloud of God’s glory will rest on your life and you will hear God Himself confirming you as His son, just as He did for His Son in the transfiguration (Mt 17: 5). Moses was an example of a transfigured man, and he was under the old covenant! The confirmation of Jesus as the Son of God is extremely important to us who believe since all the fullness of the Godhead are encapsulated in Him (Col 2:9). His confirmation as Son is critical to our exaltation as believers in the position we inherit in Him (Eph 1: 10-11, 1: 20-23, 2:6, 18; Phil 2: 6-11). I could go on and on, but I hope that we have the truth firmly grounded and settled in our spirits.