Greeting to God the Father, Son and Spirit, the blessed, wonderful angels (hi angels) and to all the saints in Christ. Dr. Hezekiah Walker featured the speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King on “Afternoon Praise” yesterday (WLIB 1190 AM). The Lord began to speak to me about him as I listened to the graciousness of his speech, his wisdom and his statesmanship and the currency/relevance of his words(he could have become President of the United States).

He was a highly intelligent man like Daniel (he was a Daniel) and as I listened to one of his speeches on the differences in international time, the Lord started to give me a truth about heavenly vs earthly time. I must confess that I did not know until afterwards that Dr. Martin Luther King was giving this particular speech, because I was not paying full attention.

His words are still timely today because he was a prophet. He was a general and statesman in the realm of the heavenlies – look at his wife! During 7 pm prayer at LFT (at about 7.40 pm) the Lord told me he was a king in the earth and a leader and general in the kingdom. He was a Moses and a Joshua respectively – crying to Pharaoh “let my people go” and leading his people out of the land of oppression and ignorance into the Promised Land of wealth, health and possession in the land they had been exiled to.

Remember I said before that God had raised up the Black race as worshippers because they were kings and priests (serving false gods, nevertheless). They were passionate, natural worshippers, dancers, musicians and yellers, prepared to knock down the walls of Jerichos. At this point the people in the sanctuary were clapping and shouting (they were receiving the revelation in the spirit realm. 

He was a John the Baptist, crying “prepare ye the way of the Lord”. His blood is crying out from the earth, saith the Lord. His conspirators are alive and happy. The blood of this innocent and just man shall not go unpunished, saith the Lord, for his blood cries out from the earth. As Abel’s blood was shed by Cain, so was his blood shed by his brother Cain (who was arogant and full of pride) says the Lord. I have heard the cry of the widow (now deceased), says the Lord and the cries of the children who lived in fear, wondering if they were next. I was a father to the fatherless, husband to the husbandless. I have comforted her, for they are together now.

He was a spiritual leader, leading spiritual Israel – kings and priests out of captivity and into a Promised Land of wealth, health, favor and relationship with God. God wanted to raise up a people that would show the nations how to dance, worship and bow down to Him and not to idols. Look at the children. They have rhythm. You will understand this when you see angels dance and worship. The black race did all of this naturally, could sing, beat drums etc, but not to me. They are natural worshippers.

I have raised up one who will bring my people out of bondage, says God. He will lead my people in truth and purity, a true king and a true priest (not like the Al Sharptons of the world). You will see him for you know and love him already. Look at how the people followed Dr King even as they followed Jesus. The scribes and Pharisees killed him (Dr King) out of envy, jealousy, malice and pride, but I will repay, saith the Lord. There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed, says the Lord. That which was done in secret is about to be revealed on the housetops in Jesus’ name. Amen. Please read Obadiah especially verse 10.