Greetings to God the Father, Son and Spirit, the blessed, wonderful angels (hi angels) and to all the saints in Christ. I am back after a few days. It pained me a lot not to be able to post because there is so much to say, but I relocated and had some interruptions.

We were talking about man being created as a spirit being who is clothed in flesh. This will become very apparent to you when you are in the presence of angels. They change their form so often, but you will know them by their spirit. They will be breaking up with laughter inside and keep a very expressionless face.

Jesus in Mk 14: 38 said that “the spirit indeed is ready, but the flesh is weak”.

The principle here is that the spirit is the driving force behind anything we do.

However, the weak flesh can impede the desires of the spirit man and that is why we must bring the flesh under subjection so the flesh can indeed rise. When you get to a stage of purification (there are glory to glories of purification), your fellowship with God and His heavenly sons will intensify. This is when we begin to see what eye hath not seen and hear what ear hath not heard.

While we are sons of God, we were born in sin and shaped in iniquity according to Ps 51: 5. The imagery is that of a mold (for example jello). If you put the liquid in the mold, the solid product takes on the exact shape of the mold that it was placed in. In other words, we were born in a mold of sin and took on the shape of sin. We acquired this mold because Adam abandoned the mold God had created for him.

We were born with a spiritual birth defect.

We are heavy with the weight of sin and easily succumb to sin in the unregenerated form/mold (Heb 12:1):

  • God wants to make us light so that we can rise into His presence and cause us to be ready for the rapture (according to Moz’I).
  • A heavy spirit cannot rise into God’s presence. Hebrews 12: 1 teaches us that sin makes the spirit heavy.
  • Depression also makes the spirit heavy. That is why the Psalmist in chapter 42 talks about the spirit being cast down.
  • Isa 61:3 talks about the spirit of heaviness which can be exchanged for the spirit of praise. These are the blessings of the sons of God.
  • Fasting, according to Moz’I, makes the spirit light by purifying the spirit. We will talk about the process of sanctification through the crucifixion of Christ.
  • This is how we get rid of the carnal man, the body of sin, the fleshly nature that we inherited spiritually from Adam.
  • The prescription for the nature of sin is to be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, who will preform the surgical procedure.
  • We also are sanctified or become like God when we take in the spiritual laxative of the word. Jesus prayed, “sanctify them by Thy truth, Thy word is truth” (Jn 17:7).
  • 1 Pet 1:22 also teaches that we purify our souls in/by obeying the truth through the spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren.
  • Truth is the key element here. God is absolute truth, but satan is a lying spirit. See the truth? If you take in the spirit food of truth, then we become truth. That transformation process is initiated by the word according to 1 Pet 1:23, but it is the Holy Spirit who is key in teaching us this truth, chastisizing us, convicting us of sin and the one who will help us to apply this word to our spirits.

This is a work well done and to God be the glory. Take the ultimate test. If the truth is presented to you, will you recognize it, obey it, trust it? If Jesus passed you on the street as He does, will you know Him? Can you ascend into the presence of God and worship Him from a cleansed spirt. For that matter, does God want to fellowship with you?

Blessings and much more to come.