Greetings to God the Father, Son and Spirit, the blessed, wonderful angels (hi angels) and to all the saints in Christ. My apologies to all of my readers for the delay, especially to my brother Lyndon, who faithfully checks for updates. I began to see an interesting similarity between the highs and lows of Judas’ and Saul’s behavior and the ebbs and flows in the personality of men who carry out acts of domestic violence on women and in the personality traits of some depressive disorders (bipolar, I think). Remember there was a cyclical pattern of behavior in both Judas and Saul, particularly noticeable in Saul. Saul experienced times of normal, rational behavior followed by cycles of violent aggression in which he tried to kill David. In the individual guilty of perpetrating acts of domestic violence, the periods of aggression would be accompanied by violent acts of aggression, sometimes attempted murder. When the individual calms down, he or she returns to normal and becomes the tender, loving romantic lover who persuades the victim to return. Homicide has unfortunately been the outcome of the return of the subsequent cycle – after all, the devil’s plan is to steal, kill and to destroy. Please refer to WebMD for information of bipolar disorder. Did Saul suffer from this malady as a result of demonic oppression? Food for thought! Judas betrayed Jesus in the violent phase of his oppression then hung himself when the demons had left him, returning his mood and thought patterns to normal. I am not saying that bipolar disorder is all demonic in nature, but Saul and Judas did have demonic influences in their behavior causing them to act irrationally. There were spirits of insanity in the bible. How much of this influence could be attributed to mental disorders today? The ability to determine this would require a great degree of discernment and sensitivity, especially for those involved in Christian ministry. Blessings!