Greetings to the Father, Son and Spirit, angels and all the saints in Christ! I was minding my business yesterday when the title words came into my spirit. Bathsheba’s name means the seventh daughter, the daughter of satiety (blueletter According to, satiety is the feeling of fullness that one experiences after a meal. The feeling of fullness or satiety is controlled by the hypothalamus or “satiety center” in the brain. I am beginning to picture Bathsheba as a woman who portrayed herself to David as a woman in whom he could obtain sexual satisfaction. His eyes saw her nakedness and beauty, his brain interpreted the stimuli, the sexual response cycle was activated (see for more on the human sexual response cycle), then his spirit succumbed to the temptation. David’s hunger for the sexual act was actively stimulated by Bathsheba’s sexual attraction, which she played up by her aggressive sexual overtures, then he filled his hunger to satiety. Once his hunger was filled, he thought that all was well. Bathsheba, daughter of satiety, was a death trap. I would like to say first of all, that Bathsheba was possessed by a spirit of lust and seduction. Her husband was away at war and she set up her enticement at a critical time in her menstrual cycle – the time of ovulation. How do we know this? 2 Samuel 11: 4, 5 say that when David saw her he “sent messengers, and took her; and she came in unto him, and he lay with her; for she was purified from her uncleanness: and she returned unto her house. And the woman conceived, and sent and told David, and said, I am with child.” Did she plan to become pregnant by the king? As soon as she realized that she was pregnant, she sent to tell David. Her enticement came with a price which included the pregnancy, the murder of her husband so David could marry her and cover the pregnancy, the death of the child at birth, loss of fellowship with God (Ps 51) and a fourfold curse on David (2 Sam 12: 8- 15). David had to pay bitterly in the long term. The Lord sent the prophet Nathan to tell him that there would be continuous bloodshed in his household; other men would have public, adulterous relationships with his wives and that the name of the Lord was also brought to public shame. This was too much of a price to pay for a one night stand. In essence, Bathsheba killed David’s dreams, ministry and future, although he did repent when the prophet revealed his sin. The enemy’s objective to steal, kill and destroy had been fulfilled. We learn that God was displeased at David’ adultery but that He became even more displeased when David killed Uriah (2 Sam 12:9). There is a solemn warning to men and women because the spirit of Bathsheba exists in people of both sexes. In my view, David was one of the most anointed prophets because he had such an intimate relationship with God. He was a man after God’s own heart, hearing conversations between the Father and Son. However, he had a weakness and fell because he gave heed to a seducing spirit. We all need to be careful, because the enemy knows our weaknesses and sends seducing spirit to us to cause us to fall. If you are a man or woman of God, they will almost be up in your face all of the time, among the members, leaders (yes, believe it or not), choir etc. The seducing spirits hide itself behind beautiful or handsome faces and attractive bodies. Mind you, they do not need to be beautiful, handsome or attractive. Those of us who are carnal and make choices about people based on outward appearances will find ourselves in a fine pickle at the end of the day. Bathsheba will tempt you while you are engaged in ministry activities, betray you while you are out doing the work of the Lord (if you marry the person). Bathsheba will kill your self esteem, your dreams and hopes. Bathsheba is a serpent. Some of these serpents are easy to discern and the serpents reveal themselves. Some are not discernible and the serpents look just like the individual and look like a teeming mass of worms (ever looked at Fear Factor?). I am telling you about what I see in the spirit, for real. May God help us to run. Blessings