Greetings to the Father, holy angels and saints in Christ. I have been pondering about the bold step that Boaz took in marrying Ruth. The law prevented intermarriage with people of different nations in order to prevent the Jews from learning the ways of the heathen and serving their gods.  When we read scriptures we find clear evidence of this happening in marriages such as that of Ahab and Jezebel.

Boaz, however, placed priority on the issues of Ruth’s heart rather than her nationality.  He was a man of God and his ability to discern her heart proved to be accurate given the fact that she became the mother of Obed, father of Jesse and eventually the great-grandmother of David, a man after God’s own heart.  Jesus therefore came out of this apparently flawed family tree (Tamar and Rahab were also part of Jesus’ family tree).

God used Boaz as a picture of Christ – the kinsman redeemer. The kinsman first in line to marry Ruth and raise up an inheritance in the name of her husband disdained her and said I don’t want to “mar mine own inheritance”. His descendants must be still blushing in shame. Boaz might have struggled somewhat over the issue of Ruth’s nationality, but eventually allowed God to give him rest on the issue since he was more than ready for marriage when Ruth, or rather Naomi forced the issue. More on that later.

The marriage took place at the end of the barley harvest, maybe around the time of the Feast of the Passover, a celebration of Israel’s deliverance from death in Egypt. Ruth was now celebrating a passover in her deliverance from death and famine, the love of a devoted husband and the acquisition of a child who became famous as the people prophesied to her.

Boaz passed over or minimized the minor for the major, a woman after God’s own heart. Her relationship with and love for God are revealed in the legacy left in her progeny. Her love and devotion to the Lord God are revealed in the words of the people to her, first on Boaz’s committment of marriage (Ruth 4: 11-12) and upon the birth of her son Obed.

In fact, people seemed to be prophesying blessings over her from the time she arrived in Israel. The Holy Spirit just showed me that they were actually following Boaz’s example since he prophesied to her publicly (Ruth 2:12). I left off yesterday at this exact point after having accidentally deleted some important information that I had typed.

At 11.07 p.m. that night, I began to write it again, but the Lord gave me some new and amazing revelation about the love of Boaz and Ruth. Therefore I will post and write again. I know His word will bless you as it did bless me.