Greetings to the Father, holy angels and saints in Christ. This information came to me on 4/8/07 at 1.59 a.m and was like getting a bird’s-eye view into Boaz’s mind. The thing is, if Boaz were here and you were talking with him about his courtship with Ruth, he would say something like… but before I proceed, something is absolutely puzzling and missing in light of “modern” methods of courtship.

First, there is no time frame stated in the Book of Ruth in order to help us to determine the space of time over which these events took place. That is, what is the time frame between Ruth’s arrival in Bethlehem and Boaz’s meeting with her? In my spirit I feel that the time frame was not very long, but more juice on this.

Ruth and Naomi arrived in Bethlehem at the beginning of the barley harvest (Ruth 1: 22). Their arrival was an eventful one.  Naomi had gone out with a husband and two sons for a better life and now was returning bereft of her family and empty-handed, having only a daughter in law (Ruth 1: 19). The people could not believe that Naomi had come down in the world. She was broke, busted and disgusted.

This is how Boaz heard about Ruth and her devotion to her mother in law and for some reason his curiosity was piqued, but more on that.

Ruth went out apparently early in the harvest to glean food for herself and Naomi and got her marriage proposal at the end of the barley harvest.

According to, the barley harvest took place in spring, between the months of March to May.

The feast of the Passover was celebrated at the end of this harvest. This meant that Boaz must have met Ruth sometime early in March and that her proposal was received at the end of May.

They met and were married in three months!

The modern mind would say “Hello, why all the rush?” Was there a rush? How could he know that Ruth was the one, if you please?

If Boaz were here, he would tell you something like this:

“First of all, my curiosity was aroused by the uproar about Naomi and her devoted Moabite daughter in law. Something about the story triggered something in me emotionally. I tried to put it out of my mind, but guess what? I heard that this strange woman was very virtuous, behaving like the mothers of old (I mean like Sarah the wife of Abraham).

When someone told me that she was gathering corn in my fields, I told myself that I would go and meet her, although I was not sure why. I tried putting her out of my mind, but every where I went, some one would always be talking about Ruth and Naomi.

I gave in and went down to the fields on the pretext of doing an assessment of the progress of the harvest. I saw this beauty gathering the grain and I caught my breath, my heart beating double time in my chest. I knew immediately that she was Ruth. I went over to the overseer of the harvest and said something like “who is this woman?” (Ruth 2:5).

He gave me the score and like any generous land owner (remember we were commanded by Moses to take care of the poor) I went over to her and held a conversation. Her speech and manner were as captivating as her beauty. She was kneeling on the ground when I approached her.

Intent on picking up the grain, she did not hear me approach, so I took a minute or two to examine her closely. She was even more beautiful close up! Wow!

Her response to my invitation to gather grain in my field overwhelmed me! The woman fell on her face and bowed to the ground like Sarah! Before I knew it, I was blessing her with a prophetic word. She was so gracious and did not laugh. She took me seriously and asked for favor.

Next thing I knew, I was giving her more favor and inviting her to dinner. I sat her next to me and prepared her platter myself. I noticed that she did not eat all, but secretly tucked away some for Naomi. I chuckled to myself.

I knew that I had to make a quick move. I had to take action because there were so many young men around. I am an aggressor, seizing opportunities when they come. This is how I increase my wealth continually. I took the initiative and privately told the young men to purposely leave extra sheaves of the grain behind them so she could have enough to take home.

I knew she would tell Naomi of my interest and that Naomi would interpret my actions correctly. I gave her something that she did not have – favor and provision. I felt really good about my actions. I really beat my chest that night as I reminisced about the meeting and prayed for a quick response from Naomi.

I felt God had given me something that I needed – a virtuous woman. I had been looking for one for a while and God had led her to me. She really loved God and this quality was rare in a woman.

Many of the Jewish women went to the Tabernacle and did all of the things that the law required, but I knew that they did not love and worship God the way I did. I wanted to share my life with someone with a passion for God.

Blessings and more to come!