Greetings to the Father, Angels and saints in Christ. Most of the last blog was spent explaining that God really had a purpose for Pharez and that is the reason why Tamar was so pressed to have this seed (we do apologize for the means). He also used Boaz and Ruth to raise up seed in the earth.

Pay attention here, because the word seed and not child was used in reference to Pharez and Obed’s birth.

Both Pharez and Obed were brought forth in an attempt to raise up seed for another, a rather crazy rationale to the modern mind, yet this is how our Lord was brought into the world. This is the LAW OF CONTINUITY.

There is a prophetic connection between Jacob, Pharez, Boaz, Obed, David and Jesus. Obed was a prophetic fulfillment of Pharez, who was the seed of Jacob, who was the seed of Isaac, who was the seed of Abraham.

By the very conditions of his birth, we saw that there was a prophetic connection between Pharez and Jacob and thus Obed, Pharez and Jacob since Boaz prophetically made those linkages in Ruth 4:5. They were all from the tribe of Judah, chosen by God to bring forth the Messiah, because of the praise and the authority vested in the worshipper – see Psalm 149 as an example.

But why did God, Tamar and Boaz make so much fuss about having “seed?”.

  • Seed is for multiplication. The word seed is used because you can reproduce the qualities, blessings, anointing from a seed, even as God bequeathed to Jacob and Isaac who were the seed of Abraham.
  • The seed is prophetic, given for the purpose of bruising the enemy’s head or place of power, according to Genesis 3:15. Jesus was the ultimate seed for accomplishing that purpose, since He came “for this purpose…that he might destroy the works of the devil (1 Jn 3:8).
  • Jesus the Seed is therefore the eternal deliverer.  In the interim, however, God wanted some prototypes to accomplish that purpose in the earth continually.
  • The seed was supposed to bring forth other devil destroyers, worshippers, warriors, intercessors and lovers of God.
  • Some fringe benefits of being the seed included the blessings that were given to Abraham and to all his seed.

See how Abraham destroyed the heathen of his day when he fought the 5 kings? That is why the Lord came to help him. The Lord did not help him just to help Lot to escape. Who cared about Lot? Lot had chosen his path already, but the Lord God had a name to uphold when His servant Abraham joined the fray. The Lord did not pass up an opportunity to use Abraham to strike fear into His enemies. Abraham was a devil destroyer!

Who brought forth seed in their day?

Adam and Eve did although Cain messed up by befriending the enemy. Abraham did. Isaac did. Judah and Boaz did and the Holy spirit did! We are the called seed of Abraham, not just to greedily inherit his blessings, but to destroy the works of the devil in the earth.

It is a high calling to bring forth seed in the earth and not just a child.

That is what Boaz  said to the elders in the gate and to the people witnessing the marriage transaction.

Women, you need a man of God to help you to bring forth the seed in the earth. The marriage bed is not just about sex and passion. Men the same truth applies to you. Look at the pains that God took to get a woman of God to Adam and the pains that Abraham took to get a wife for his son. There was a major element of divine leading and direction.

The question is, how will the seed bruise the enemy’s head?

  • You have to teach the seed to be like Jesus. Serious implications.
  • You have to teach the seed to “step pan de enemy”, according to Papa San.
  • You have to teach the seed to worship, to war, to pray and praise, to give, tithe etc.
  • The seed is more than a cute little thing that we dress up.
  • You have to teach the seed the word, even as Jesus, Timothy, Samuel and others were taught in the word at an early age.

Isaac knew how to meditate. Who taught him to pray? He learnt to do so from his father Abraham and mother Sarah. Men and women, don’t miss your blessing. Look at the many dimensions of marriage that God is showing to us!

God wanted to use Tamar and Ruth as forerunners of the Lord. Why? Mainly because they loved Him. Don’t fret when you are despised by a potential mate. They would never truly love you. Michal despised David in her heart for worshipping God freely and let him know just how she felt (2 Sam 6:13-23). I believe that she missed being the potential mother of Solomon.

Beware of the man or woman who does not care about your praise, worship or your anointing. They may hide it well, but there is the spirit of discernment! There are some things that you should not compromise with.

You may compromise with a weave or some less critical issue, but when it comes to the anointing, you need to guard and protect it.

Your connections can block the release or flow of the anointing in your life, just Michal intended when she mocked her husband’s praise. If your mate or intended mate is producing a greater flow of divine favor, blessings and the anointing in your life, I believe that you are on the right track. See Joseph and Mary, Ruth and Boaz. Blessings!