Greetings to the Father, Angels and saints in Christ. As I wrote yesterday, I wondered about the reason that Boaz told Ruth in Ruth 3:10:

“blessed be thou of the LORD, my daughter: for thou hast shewed more kindness in the latter end than at the beginning, inasmuch as thou followedst not young men, whether poor or rich”.

As I reread the post on the way home on the bus, the Lord told me three things about Ruth and the reason for the nature of Boaz’s response:

  • First, He said that she had choices other than Boaz.
  • Secondly, she had genuine interactions with him and his people.
  • The third issue is that she had responded to his request to work with him (not for cash, but for kind).

He wanted the energy, resources etc that she had to remain in his house and for any gains to recirculate to him and not another man. This morning about 12.20 am, I was awakened and the Lord told me the following words – “the thing that Ruth loved in Boaz was hated in David by his wife Michal”. How do I know that, asked the Holy Spirit in response to His own statement?

That was an important question because I had responded by saying to myself that there is nothing in the Bible to that effect, then the Lord began to teach me what He meant in those words. The answer that He gave me was that the evidence of the statement came out in the bloodline of Ruth and Michal. Remember that the statement that the Lord spoke to me is “the thing that Ruth loved in Boaz was hated in David by his wife Michal”.

Ruth, said the Lord:

produced worshippers in David, his prophet musicians and an entire nation of worshippers as David taught Judah to praise and worship as we see from the evidence in the Psalms especially chapter 100.

We know that Judah had learnt to praise and to worship as evidenced by the legacy that Jehoshaphat had received and utilized as a weapon of war when confronted by a serious military threat (2 Chron 20). This was critical to the survival of the nation of Israel at that period in its history.

Can you imagine the President of the United States taking a similar response to a military threat? What would be the outcome?

Ultimately, Jesus Himself came out of the lineage of Ruth. He was Himself a worshipper and two examples of Jn 11: 40-42 and Mt 6: 9,10 attest to that. Ruth therefore brought forth a high level of spiritual revelation in the earth through her own example which she passed on to her children and through her descendants. She was used by God to reveal Jesus’ nature and power so that all who believe would be saved.

Paul expressed the profundity of His revelation in the words in 1Ti 3:16 –

“and without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory”.

Ruth was righteous like the tree in Psalm 1, producing fruit in season. All generations can now call her blessed.

In contrast, Michal (meaning rivulet or who as God)

was the younger of King Saul’s daughters who was given in marriage to David. She hid it well, but hated David just as her father did. His worship caused the spirit of hate to rise up in her so that she threw a javelin of words at the man of God. This happened at a critical time in his rule when he finally brought back the ark from captivity. He was elated and on a spiritual high, jumping and leaping with vigor and exhilaration. His worship was the hallal where he was out of control. He blessed his God, gave gifts to the people then went home to bless his house (2 Sam 6: 14-23).

As soon as he hit the door, out came his lovely wife scoffing, frothing and cursing at him, telling him words that crushed his spirit and his joy. David knew about the power of words and therefore could not allow her to allow her words to prosper, so he put her away. She therefore had no further power to kill his destiny with words, even as Saul her father tried to kill his destiny with a javelin and by relentlessly seeking to kill him.

Michal was not a worshipper, much less a true worshipper. She had lived in Saul’s house too long. You cannot marry into the old order. It looks loveable and marriageable, but will shut you down, will shut down your worship, your potential, purpose and destiny. More to come.