Greetings to the Father, Angels and saints in Christ. I am going to complete writing all that I had received on 4/20/07 about the contrast between Ruth the wife of Boaz and Michal, who was David’s ex-wife. Even as I write, the Holy Spirit said to me that I should let you know that these are spirits in women that He is teaching us about.

Ruth was under the control of the Holy Spirit  while Michal was controlled by her father the devil.

I ended yesterday’s post with the following words:

“Michal was not a worshipper, much less a true worshipper. She had lived in Saul’s house too long. You cannot marry into the old order. It looks loveable and marriageable, but will shut you down, will shut down your worship, your potential, purpose and destiny.”

Why is worship a critical issue in a partner?

For some reason I am speaking mainly to men. Well, Jehoshaphat knew, so did Daniel, Paul and Silas and many others in scripture. No one in heaven dwells there without worshipping ceaselessly. This worship flight is non stop affair. My pen cannot say all there is to say, because worship is a whole life and lesson in itself. Suffice it to say, worshippers:

bring glory to God in their lives and dwell in the presence of the Lord.

 rule and reign in the earth, triumphing over their enemies, even as Jehoshaphat did (Ps 149).

Weapons can be formed, but will not prosper nor prevail against a worshipper. See Daniel in Babylon.

Worshippers receive spiritual revelation like rain. Worshippers receive favor in the earth.

Angels minister to worshippers in their everyday lives, whether on trains, planes, buses etc.

Worshippers bring forth spiritual revelation and build the kingdom of God in the earth by pulling down strong holds and casting down principalities and powers, for as it is in heaven, so it must be on earth.

Worshippers subdue kingdoms as Jehoshaphat, Joseph, Daniel and Esther did.

Worshippers usher in the presence of God wherever they are. Rulers and the unbelieving will recognize the wisdom, excellence and Spirit of God on the life of the worshipper and give God the glory. Who do you want on your side? A worshipper or a pretender?

The Lord told me that Boaz chose Ruth because he wanted a true worshipper, someone whose worship was not predicted by forms and rituals. Ruth worshipped in the same manner that Sarah worshipped. She had learnt the true way to worship genuinely from the heart (there was no tabernacle in Moab, after all, so we can picture how she sought after God Almighty as she learnt about His greatness from Naomi).

As an idol worshipper, she had abandoned herself in the worship of devils. After finding the true and the Living God, she cast her all on Him. Like Sarah, God told me, she “did not know any better” ( I guess His tongue is in His cheek). Both Sarah and Ruth worshipped God out of relationship and not rituals. They had no forms of godliness and had not learnt how to “do tabernacle” just to escape from the judgement of God or to keep up appearances in the eyes of the public.

The Lord told me that Ruth responded to the man of God because she wanted a Prince, a ruler in the earth, a man having favor with God. As a true worshipper, her spirit connected to Boaz’s true spirit. Ruth had met her Prince. She was swept away by his approach, gracious words, favor, generosity and evidence of the Spirit of God in his life. She had stayed in that field after having “happed” upon it because of the presence of the Lord there. The anointing was upon everything that was under the authority and jurisdiction of the man of God.

Michal, in contrast,

hated the anointing on David so much that she wanted to crush the Spirit of God in him. The word says that we must not despise prophesying and the man of God was dancing the dance that was being danced in heaven as the ark was returned to its rightful place (2 Sam 6: 14-23). Have you seen an angel dance?

Why did Michal marry David? (1 Sam 18).

She was in love with David’s valor, his charisma, his fame, popularity (you can be famous and unpopular). Maybe she was disappointed in her father and wanted a strong man. Saul had armor but no power. He was pretending to be a ruler in the earth, but Goliath was not fooled, because his threats had the men of Israel and their so-called “king” trembling and running in fear.

Nothing is wrong with wanting to marry a man of strength, valor and charisma (I will question if you want to marry him because of his fame and popularity because you could be in for a shock in the privacy of marriage. Look at the film stars etc).

God says the question is:

“will you allow him to worship with abandon?” Will you allow him to “hallal” without fear (like David) or will you be ashamed?

Will you allow him to usher in the presence of the Lord in the earth?

Will you lead him into a higher dimension of relationship with God in worship by becoming a catalyst/influence of his deeper worship?

If you cannot let the man “hallal”, fall down in the presence of the throne or join the throng around the throne, then don’t marry him! That is what the Lord is saying.

Beware of Michal. Her name is a misnomer, a pretense, a trap to make you believe that she is who she says she is. This is a serious deception of the highest order because if you get into the marriage trap, your Michal will despise you continually in her heart and throw words or actions at you to let you know she thinks that you are of little value.

Michal may be rich, well to do, or have the right social connections, but your marriage will be a living hell simply because Michal cares not for the things of God which are spiritually discerned. I sound like a prophet of doom, but guess what? I am only writing what I am told, so if you have issues, ask God to expose the truth that I am telling. This has to be a really serious issue, because I have more to say.